In order to correct a faulty house, one has to correct the foundation, because the foundation is what gives the house the shape it maintains. Repainting or trying to repaint a house with a faulty foundation is a pure waste of time, because the house will still collapse due to the error that is still hidden in the foundation. 

Nigeria is such a house which was built on a faulty foundation. Therefore, in order to correct things, the house should be pulled down and something done to the foundation. 

It is a known fact that Nigeria was amalgamated in 1914 by  Britain, with the sole aim of milking us of our resources. This is true because they know fully well that when a house is not in order, it will be so difficult for the owner to find out when someone is stealing his belongings. 

I have a question to ask those who say that God brought us together as one nation. 
First, when did Britain turn God? 

Second, who represented  our people during the meeting to join us with the Fulani?
Your answer is as good as mine. The British are not God and our people were not consulted to seek our opinions before merging us with the northern oligarchy. 

Nigeria is an artificial nation, which was built without consulting its people. Therefore, trying to restructure it is a waste of time, as such will not correct the error in the foundation and will still deny its people their right to be consulted before merging them. 

The foundation must be revisited. And in order to do that, the different people that make up the Nigerian system must be given the opportunity and chance to determine if they want to be part of the merging contract or not. Their opinion matters, because it's their fundamental human right to choose where they wish to belong. 

Referendum is the only legal way to ascertain whether the people still want to belong to Nigeria or not. 

Trying to force Biafrans to belong to where they don't is simply a time bomb waiting to explode. For the safety and interest of both Biafrans and Nigerians, I will advice the way of Referendum as the only way to settle the rising tensions. 

It is dangerous to live in a house with a nice fresh paint, but with a faulty foundation, because the house will collapse someday and, probably, kill those inside. 
We say no to restructuring because it will not correct the error in the foundation. Only Referendum will correct it. Therefore, we Biafrans want to correct the error, and that is why we are demanding for Referendum.
Anything outside Referendum stands rejected. 

Written by Okpe Daniel 
For Abia Media Team
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