As the day unfolds, the true nature of the Nigerian state reveals it's true identity, as barely a week that the Biafrans successfully paid a patriotic tribute in respect to their fallen heroes and heroines murdered by the Nigerian government under the watch of General Gowon between 1967 to 1970 on a genocidal war of annihilation and those that were brutally shot dead by the Nigerian army, the DSS and Police from 2015 till date under the watch of President Muhammadu Buhari, via a SIT AT HOME order as ordered by their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on the 30th of May 2017, the Northern youths of Nigeria under the aegis of The Coalition of Northern Youths (CNY) have issued a joint statement urging all the Igbo tribes of Biafra to leave their land and likewise all the northerners in the south east with a stern warning to the federal government not to undermine their resoluteness in their call for the Igbo's to leave their land on or before 1st October 2017. Such a call by CNY is tantamount to Treason of which if this type of statement is attributed to the Biafrans, by now there must have been a massive deployment of the military in the south east by the federal government but since such statement is made by the northerners, insurance covers them to the fullest yet many speaks of one Nigeria.

In recent months, their have been call for RESTRUCTURING of the Nigerian state by some individuals who feels that they are comfortable in a United Nigeria but such individuals have stayed mute in the cause for which they yearn for restructuring. The problem of Nigeria is not in the management of her resources but in the differences in religious beliefs and culture which have spewed much hatred in the hearts of all the inhabitants of this geographical location of the earth. If not for the parasitic nature of the British government, there would have not been any word like "Nigeria" as coined by Flora Shaw the girlfriend to Fredrick LordLugard who out of greed by the gifts of nature to the Biafrans by God marged different ethic groups without considering their religious beliefs and culture rather was so keen on deriving avenues to stealing of the natural resources from the land of the people of God.

Having realised that the whites mean more harm than good, the people of that era canvassed to gain their independence, just barely seven years the British government left the land, there was a high rate of misunderstanding by the components of the new federation because they couldn't understand or manage each other as their way of life are highly different from each other thus war erupted giving to the barbaric acts of the northerners against the eastern people which lead to the declaration of Biafra Nation by the then eastern COMMANDER Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu after the agreement on RESTRUCTURING of Nigeria for mutual understanding and to curb one-sided government held at Aburi Ghana failed.

Since after the civil war, several governments have tried to create a mutual ground for the unity of Nigeria to be paramount as seen in the regional conference organized by General Sani Abacha and subsequently by President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan but yet the problem persists because oil and water can never mix together which implies that the Northerners (Arewa's) and the Easterners (Biafrans) can never live together in as much that they have different believe as to how life should be lived.

Therefore anyone clamoring for RESTRUCTURING of the Nigerian state or true federalism as it is called should know that it is never the solution to our problem as have been tried by our forefathers but never worked out, rather total desolution of the Nigerian state is the only thing that can let peace and mutual understanding to regain its strength, as the regions that have been tied in this unworkable marriage by the British government shall return to their original way of life and develop according to their beliefs and understanding of life.

Recall that amidst the call for RESTRUCTURING and true federalism, the Northerners have totally rebuffed the idea in totality citing the unruly attitude showcased few days ago in the National Assembly where the Bill to develop the South East was thrown out not because it is not worthy to be attended to having failed to implement the 3R's by the federal government of Nigeria since after the civil war but merely because it is for the benefit of the South East, also recall that in all the construction project of the minister for transportation mr Rotimi Chibuike Amechi, the South East was totally excluded from such a huge federal project yet the South East is one of the highest revenue generating state in the country below the South West and "South-South" yet the rate of marginalization of the region is overwhelming in all ramifications. The call for RESTRUCTURING is not feasible because Nigeria is a failed state and her citizens are fed up with each other and cannot live together.

The event that took place in the eastern region on 30th May 2017 have to by now be an eye opener to the federal government and to all gullible people clamoring for RESTRUCTURING of the Nigerian state that the South East have unanimously made up their minds to be in a country they will call their own, a country that will know no minority, no violence and killing of innocent people for showcasing their thought on how things should be done, a country where love shall be paramount and development unavoidable in all region and such a state is BIAFRA.

The Igbo people and all Biafrans living in the north should never undermine the resoluteness of the northern youths when they speak because they never speak without having a concrete arrangements on what they speak of, all Biafrans should have a flash back on different killings that had taken place in the north since the inception of Nigeria as a country, it all started like this with a stern warning to the federal government never to interfere with their desire to carry out their agreed plans in which they are always backed up by the federal government to perpetrate their heinous acts against those they term infidels. There is an Igbo adage that says "Ukpana Okpoko Gburu Asikwana na Nti Chiri Ya", to before warned is to before armed, don't say you were not told when 1st October reaches.

Finally, to all the so called "South South" and "Niger Delta" that are distancing selves from the call for the restoration of the Biafran Nation, no one is forcing you to be part of the process of restoring back Biafra as you have chosen to be happy answering a name given to you by a Yoruba man (OBASANJO) other than bearing your God given identity, when the time reaches, we will know who your real enemies are, as facially there's no distinction between the South-East and the "South-South" just as seen in other tribes of the Nigerian state. The earlier all the components of Biafra team up to fight against our common enemy and built our own nation, the better for us all because some northern States have seen our formidability and the unstoppable restoration of Biafra Nation as they have started pledging to align with Biafra when restored.

It has become obvious that RESTRUCTURING can't solve the problem in Nigeria neither can Resource Control which the NIGER DELTAN's clamour for do, so let Nigeria be parted to its original form before the British invaded her as it is now clear that in Biafra, Africa DIED.

- Onoja Christian Obinna.
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