The mixed reaction elicited by the proposed Anambra Guber Election boycott is most uncalled for. The fears expressed by many a people in relation to what they prognosticate as its likely consequences are avoidable.  The intended thrust of this piece is to do a postmortem on the imminent boycott with a view to showing that the odds favour the struggle.  It is also my implicit objective to expose the weakness of the arguments of those whose hidden mission it is to halt the boycott in the guise of dispensing concern for the "people". Careful observation has revealed that a good number of those feigning concern for the aftermath of the boycott on Anambra State are actually lackeys and cronies of the political class on vengeful mission, considering how politically and economically emasculated they (the politicians) have become.  But why is election boycott significant to a hard self-determinism like this? What are the strength and weakness of the upcoming Anambra Guber Election boycott?  Let us traverse these together. 

First,  no serious agitation that condemns the socio-economic and political system should give its fillip to election.  This is what most truly,  yet misguidedly,  concerned pundits have failed to understand.  Biafrans worldwide have been clamouring for divorce from this Lugardian marriage called Nigeria prior to, during,  and after the Civil War (wrongly called Biafra War).  The angst shown by Biafrans is caused by the unacceptable prevalent social and political situations in Nigeria,  with Biafrans in the South-East and South-South as the direct victims.  Politically speaking,  Biafrans have been excluded from relevance,  with the short-lived presidency of Dr.  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as the closest we have come. Several Senate Presidents were disgracefully ousted by Olusegun Obasanjo, the notorious bigot and Igbo hater,  (1999 -2007) for no reason other than the fact that they were from the Igbo-speaking part of Biafra.  The political configuration has been so designed to bar Igbo from making progress in politics, their dominance of the economic soul of Nigeria notwithstanding.  Why should any true, sentient, and conscientious Biafran continue to give his mandate to a polity that has godlessly undermined him since 1966 Aburi Accord? THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND! 

Next,  the deplorable state of basic infrastructure, such as state and federal roads,  healthcare facilities,  social emenities etc are pointers to the economic exclusion of Biafra States from the economic policies of Lugard's contraption.  Projects in the South-East and South-South are deliberately jettisoned, with a view to leaving the sister regions less developed. Those who still think we are ONE should note that the political and economic exclusion of our sister regions from the economic policies of Nigeria is itself a conspicuous manifestation of our disunity and NATIONAL DUALISM.  We have lived in a fool's paradise for too long.  After the war,  Biafrans lost their BIAFRAN CONSCIOUSNESS and became tied to the political and economic apron string of the northernised Nigeria.  The huge losses suffered by Biafrans in the pogroms of Jos (1945) and Kano (1966), including the genocide of 1967-70, were either forgotten or taken in good fate. Biafrans, politically balkanized into South-East and South-South geopolitical zones, continued to live their lives as if everything was hunky-dory.  The hypnosis and coma took to flight when the VOICE,  our own hero, Prince Nnamdi Kanu,  used his radio presentation to sting our consciousness.  Today, the specks have withered and fallen from our eyes,  and we can see that our regions are milked by the North, but given nothing in return.  Yes,  our regions are under political and economic slavery.  We are the proverbial geese that lay the golden egg. We are the real National Coffers sustaining the entire North and West.  Of course,  we are aware that Lagos is nothing without the Igbo doing business there and contributing billions of Naira to its IGR! What is our recompense for everything this gift to the North called Nigeria has taken from us?  Any cow that gets milked without being fed lives dangerously.  That is the gory situation of Biafrans in Nigeria. THERE WILL NOT BE ELECTION IN BIAFRA LAND AGAIN! 

Furthermore,  elections in Nigeria have always been glorified SELECTION, as winners emerge days before the actual polling activities, leaving us with mediocre. Our electioneering processes are fraught with manipulation by those who call the shot.  The system is so fundamentally flawed that a northerner, whose business interest needs to be protected,  can manouevre the outcome, since the handlers of the electoral body are people of sellable conscience.  The head of the contraption called Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, and it is my submission that since the head controls other peripheries,  corruption trickles down,  like tributaries from a delta, to political arena. Politicking in Nigeria is very sordid and retrogressive and can only exacerbate the already parlous economic situation of Biafra regions.  In another vein,  why we will not participate in election because to do so will amount to DOUBLESPEAK. We are too lettered to approbate and reprobate.  We cannot eat our vomit,  can we?  We have recuperated from coma and have taken a bold decision, under the aegis of our young, dynamic,  and forthright leader,  Prince Nnamdi Kanu,  to complete what our heroes of yore started viz. break away from a prejudicial, injurious,  and oppressive marriage called Nigeria.  We cannot reject Nigeria on paper and gutturally and participate in her election.  We are not a confused lot, are we?  TOGETHER, WE SAY NO TO FURTHER ELECTIONS IN BIAFRA, PENDING REFERENDUM. 

Lastly,  I wish to allay the fear of genuinely concerned Biafrans in respect to the impending Anambra Election Boycott, especially those who think the military will take over the reins of power in the state.  Well,  we are not concerned about the aftermath of the boycott to the state as much as we are about its impact internationally.  However,  I think the Armed Forces Ruling Council Document (what we called Constitution) lucidly spelled out the socio-political conditions that warrant declaration of state of emergency. I know pretty well that a peaceful election boycott does not fall into the category.  The boycott will expose the weakness of our politico-legal system.  Our legal system,  having been drinking from the cup of a foundationally bad Constitution, is at best good enough for APES, not men.  The election boycott, like every inconclusive election in Nigeria,  will prove to the international communities that Nigeria falls short of the minimum standard requisite for nationhood. WE NEED REFERENDUM,  NOT ELECTION.

Nigeria has expired,  and the time has come for Biafrans to show that our solidarity is intact.  It is a truism that the division of the Old Eastern Region was a calculated attempt to break its solidarity, but it is even truer that no one can break a people's WILL. Biafrans have slept for too long whilst contributing to the survival of Nigeria. The amalgamation of the Protectorates by Lugard was done to both extend the Fulani/Hausa conquest started by Uthman Dan Fodio and enable the North have access to the natural resources of Biafrans. The consequences of that unilateral unity are the oppression and suppression of Biafrans, wanton destruction of lives and properties of Biafrans by Hausa/Fulani, the pogroms and genocides that have become a recurrent decimal, with no international will to stem the ugly tide etc. We, Biafrans, having survived the comatose state of our socio-econo-political situation, have decided to emancipate ourselves from this protracted verismilitude of apartheid.  All hail Biafra! May the sun rise and set in Biafra.  

Nigeria,  we reject thee. 
Biafra,  we hail thee.  

Russell Idatoru Bluejack
River's Team Leader,  IPOB
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