Nigeria and Obasanjo should not push IPOB to pick up arms. If they do, what happened in 1967-70 would be a child's play because we shall fight for revenge.   In fact, I can tell you that my father fought the war and I strongly believe I am smarter than my father because of the environment I found myself, I have travelled far and wide. I have heard stories of the biafra war and I have seen the effects in my life and my environs. I now understand what our fathers fought for. When you fought for nationhood, revenge is always sweet and that we shall give to the killers of our people.

Telling me that I was not born before the war is nothing but trying to scare me off fighting for my survival. Nigeria should know that NNAMDI Kanu is a good man for this struggle; some people that follow him are hungry to revenge the harassment, intimidation, killing and injustices meted out to our leader and our people.

 You can call us names but give us Biafra. I wonder how supposed elder statesman like Obasanjo will be talking arrant nonsense that Nigeria should stop NNAMDI Kanu now or what happened in 1967 will repeat itself.  Obasanjo what will happen? Is it war? Is it hunger? Or what?  We have seen them all and as long as the restoration of Biafra is concern we are ready for anything and you should be ready also.
You killed our people during the war, you killed our people in Odi and zaki Ibam you handed our land over to Dangote, our land has been destroyed by your policies and you still come up in this 2017 to tell us what to do and calling Nigeria to rise against us. We welcome this development and we shall teach you that this generation of Biafrans is called to restore Biafra.

Obasanjo you are part of the cabal that appointed all the governors in Biafra, ask yourself are they performing well, you imposed Orji Kalu in Abia state years back, till today Abians are still suffering from the impact of that appointment. You brought Jonathan Goodluck, can you show us his report card after 6years as a president. Just count all your boys you imposed on Biafra what have they done to better the lives of the people. I can count your numerous sins and atrocities.

We call all Biafrans to rise up against Obasanjo at this moment we are struggling to restore our nation.  Bear in mind you will die if you stand on the way of Biafrans .  Ask Buhari how far? Ask Okorocha , Obiano  and  others the score card so far . We shall crush you if you stand on our way.
  It is Biafra or Death

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