By Chimpuruimeihenile Immanuel Ukoha (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe 
The deteriorating state of Nigeria and her economy is beyond repair or restructuring. Just like the great novelist of blessed memory Chinua Achebe wrote in one of his novels "things fall apart and the center could not hold". This is the case with Nigeria. 

Nigeria is in serious disarray: the insurgents in the northeast, Hausa/Fulani menace, and the militants in the creeks. All issues arising in Nigeria without any being properly handled. But when the issue about the restoration of Biafra comes up they remembered restructuring. Restructuring is all we hear whenever people complain of their suffering.
Restructuring can only be done in a country with structures already, but Nigeria has no structure, no economic plan. They pay lip service to the so-called economic system they claim to practice. A government that runs its government/economy without a national economic budget.

The great economies of this world were built by men who were dedicated towards the growth and all-round development of their country like the Asian tigers (Singapore, south Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong) built their economy by allowing local companies to function; they did more of export to wealthier countries than import which gave them a huge economic boost. They did not give chance for monopoly unlike Nigeria, that can not create an enabling environment for competition amongst the local companies but will go on to liquidate young industries, that do not agree to their evil terms and conditions. Yet the pastors will still pray for Nigeria to be better, what a disgrace.

The European Union (EU) has reduced their aid grant to Nigeria, because of their inability to utilize the resources judiciously. Another reason could be courtesy of the fact that the Nigerian politicians have been banking the taxpayer’s money in their various countries because they said Nigeria is rich.

The political setup is made up of hungry men who came into power through innumerable dubious means. They fill their pockets with the taxpayer’s money. Yet do nothing for them in return. They cannot properly execute laws enshrined in their constitution. A president, who is supposed to be an embodiment and custodian of the law is hell bent on flaunting the laws. The constitution has it that once a president is out of sit for more than 99 days,for whatever reason, he should be impeached. But the current office of the Nigerian president is in London, the home of the slave masters with a private jet uselessly parked in a British hanger, costing Nigeria not less than four thousand pounds everyday. Yet the clergy will fast and pray for a better Nigeria.

A country that will always call the youths leaders of tomorrow but pay little or no attention to the educational growth of the youths. The political juggernauts will always fly their kids to the Western world to study, so when they come back, with the vast knowledge they have amassed, become better than their contemporaries back home, thereby subjecting the poor youths to the worst form of education. Even the clergymen and women, who own private schools built from the money of the poor members, place the school fees so high that only the rich can afford this exorbitant price. Yet they preach and pray about the kingdom of God. These same clergymen keep quiet while their members are massacred in their thousands

God has nothing to do with Nigeria because, there has not been any prayer made on behalf of Nigeria that has been answered. The priest just dupes gullible people in the name of miracle, seed sowing and prayers. Its only in Nigeria that people won't eat and go to church, yet, priests will ask them to sow seeds with their last dime. As the pastors are still praying and fasting, the subject "Christian religious knowledge" (CRK) has been removed from the Nigerian educational curriculum in a country which is supposed a secular state, which by implication means that the children of the praying priests won't take after their parents in their religion. All the central Christian body (Christian association of Nigeria) can do is make noise with their empty "if" threats.
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