Author:        Joseph Chukwuemeka Davison
Editor:          Ugochinyere Onyechere

Try to understand the difference between NIGERIANS and NIGERIA. and the difference between wishing NIGERIANS well. and wishing NIGERIA well. No single Nigeria leader has ever wished Nigerians well, not POLITICIANS, PASTORS, IMMAM nor TRADITIONAL RULERS. 
Reasons, because they all represent Nigeria, not Nigerians, have you ask your self why there has never been any free hospital in Nigeria, or Institution built by a politician, religious, or traditional rulers.  does it mean that federal government can't afford 3 free hospitals in each state? Or state governors to at list afford one? 
Our Religious leaders always ask us to pray for Nigeria, not Nigerians.  While they knew very well that the name Nigeria did not need any prayer:
now if we are to pray for Nigeria, what could be our prayers point? 
Are we to pray, for Nigeria to recover from her sickness? Or for her to conceive, as a barring nation or what? 
Nigeria is an entity, just a seven letter wards (N-I-G-E-R-I-A) that require no help from anyone. 
If anyone or thing need prayers that should be Nigerians, Nigerians need serious prayers, for God to deliver Nigerians from the occultist gathering who parade their selves as Political, Religious, and traditional leaders. who have been enslaving Nigerians, and sacrificing (thug) the youths destiny  for the sake of their own children's future:
Any pastor/imam who said he or she cared about Nigerians, should show me how many schools he /she build for Nigerians to acquire education on free of charge? 
How many IDP camp or orphanage home they are wholly funding? How many road side beggars have they adopt and give him /her a good life?
The bitter truth is that  Those who are fighting for Nigeria to remain one, are the real enemies of Nigerians, they are not fighting for Nigerians but for their selfish interest. Let me ask you this question. as individuals. If Nigeria is being peacefully divided today what do you have to lose? The answer is nothing. 
But you have a lot to gain if Nigeria is being divided, 
(1) there will be job opportunities, 
(2) there will be a new system of Leadership, that will help us in our individual nation, and give us the privilege to design a system of government suitable to us. 
(3) it will resolve the system and pave way for the poor Man son to rule over the rich man by merit. Instead of my child must be the leader after me. the system the Nigeria looters has imposed on us. 

All these politicians are the same, noon of them have in mind the people they claim to be representing. They only care about their pockets and their children's future. They had never, and will never care about the poor masses around them 
Because they are all Irresponsible looters, they are not leaders. 

Have you wondered, why the so called Igbo leaders and politicians are speaking with their both months? 
Today their cry they want Biafra, that the Igbos are marginalized. Tomorrow they would say Biafra is not the solution but restructure?  
These people are not complaining because of the poor masses in Biafra land, but because they are not getting a larger share as their colleagues in the other regions. If I may ask, If the Governors and Senators from the East, complain of Igbos being marginalized in the federal level. Then who is marginalizing the youths in the state level? 
Because the Igbo youth were not only marginalized, but we're unjustly killed and massacred on daily basis,  crime being peaceful protesting and right demanding. Yet no single politician from the Igbo land is complaining, then something is fishy.  which is not Igbo, Hausa, or Yuroba tribal problem. But Politicians against the Masses. And this calls for a rethink, As youth be it Biafrans or Nigerians, it is the time we hold our leaders in government accountable, For all this crisis in Nigeria today. stop defending anyone based on sentiments because it will never help us. Let's condemns this wicked politicians, and reject the evil plan to cause a fight between us. Because If war starts today this politician will run and live you and me, to fight and kill ourselves, in the name of keeping their fond generating estate (Nigeria) one. So that they children will come back after the war and start ruling our remnants. Nigerians let's be wiser. And ask our self the following questions. 

(1) Why do we have to kill and waste our lives just to keep Nigeria one? 

(2) Why is Nigeria government fighting those who wish, to exit the country at self will? And same time abandoned the helpless people of Bakassi peninsula, whom the shameless ZOO Republic sold into slavery, to the evil counterparts Cameroon, who have been raping and killing them on daily basis? 

(3) Must we force people to be where they don't want to be? 

(4) Why don't Nigeria political want to let Biafrans go? 

(5) What is it in Biafra that Nigeria government can't survive without Biafra? 

(6) If Nigerian force Biafrans to be in Nigeria, against they wish. Where will the Unity come from? 

(7) Dose, this Nigeria that has frustrated all of us worth dying for? 

(8) Are Nigerians good for politicians to be sacrificed, just to keep Nigeria one? 

(9) Nigeria fake unity, and the lives of Nigerians which one is more important? 

(10) To live in peace and unity, in our various homes and neighborhood, in a divided Nigeria. And to live in war and hatred in one Nigeria, which one is preferable? 

(11) Why Nigeria politician are so much interested in one Nigeria, but such adamant in Nigerians welfare? 
Those questions, are for We the masses or commoners as the politicians address us to answer. Because we always kill our good friends, (masses) offer our lives fighting for the benefit of those useless politicians, either for sentimental or tribal reasoning. And forgotten that 
Those politicians are the same and strongly United by the National treasure they are looking. It doesn't matter if they come from North, or East, PDP, or APC they are one, under one political aim of selves enriches.
 Can you explain why politicians from the marginalized Biafra land, always condemned quickly, and sympathize with their fellow politicians across the country when ever anyone of them is being affected? 
But always deaf and dumb 
Whenever herdsmen and Boko haram, come to his own constituency massacred his people. 
All Nigeria politicians are birds of same feathers. Be it an Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, majority or minority. one thing they have in common is selfishness. They don't represent their community, neither do they represent Nigerians at large. All they represent is their pocket and their children's future. 
This person will never do anything for the best interest of Nigerians.
Because if they do, the today's  commoners would become prominent Nigerians tomorrow. And they wouldn't want to jeopardize the chances of their children continues ruling and dominating the masses after them.
That's why they make sure that they killed education here in Nigeria while sending the children abroad to acquire the best education. Known very well that the average Nigerians can't afford to enrol their children in private schools, let alone  Sending them abroad too.

It is high time we the masses come together, and reason to accord. 
Let's tell all this our political looters, that we can't remain a fool for ever. We are tired of the empty promises, every day they give us fake hope. They call us the future leaders, yet those who have been leading the country, even before her independent are still the leaders till today. 

They tell us, say ego better. when them no say, e-no-go ever better. 
It is the time we face the truth, Nigeria was not one, and can never be one. Nigeria looters should stop forcing they self on never worked United Nigeria. As early as 1906 Lord Frederick Lagarde started building a United Nigeria, started by joining Lagos to southern. in 1914 all the region that make up, what is known as Nigeria today. Was forcefully amalgamated by Lugard. Yet he couldn't get United Nigeria, Nigeria fought and got her independent 1960, Yet couldn't achieve a United Nigeria. In 1967-1970 Nigeria fought a profit-less civil war for three bitter years, that claimed the lives of more than six million Biafrans. Just to make Nigeria one. Yet Nigeria couldn't be one. So what else will Nigeria do to make Nigeria one? 
Going into war again? Because of politicians selfish interest? 


 For Umuchiukwu Writers.
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