When a man opposes an issue, a movement or anything at all, he raises all sorts of dust against it. Whether the dusts he is raising are truthful, factual or a series of fallacies does not matter to him. What matters to him is that if a bag of contagious lies can and will stop that which he is against, then so be it. 

The above analogy exactly sums up the kind of dance which the opportunistic opponents of the Biafran struggle are currently dancing shamelessly in the market square of the struggle. 

This article is aimed at analyzing two arguments that most of them are currently drumming into the ears of anyone who cares to listen to them. First they keep saying that Biafra cannot be restored except a war is fought for her restoration. Second, they try in vain to drive fear into the hearts of Biafrans by constantly muting the idea that Biafra will be a landlocked country when it is restored, and this will inevitably lead to an economic catastrophe. To a neophyte, their retrogressive arguments may hold water at face value, but a careful and in-depth analysis will render them useless, impotent and an exercise in a futile intellectual shenanigan.

Taking the issue of “war drums” for instance, these enemies of progress were the same people who were shouting their voice hoarse all over the place that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has no verifiable and identifiable plan for the restoration of Biafra. Now that he has made known one of his verifiable and identifiable plans, they make a lily-livered u-turn to say that he is beating the drums of war. One is at a loss as to how the boycott of all elections in Biafraland can lead to war. These emergency critics and “intellectuals” in their blindness to truth have failed to take cognizance of the fact that there is a distinguishable and concrete difference between a call for war and a call for civil disobedience. 

Nnamdi Kanu’s call for the boycott of elections is a call for civil disobedience and not a call for war, though it must be stated vividly and succinctly, that as a people of brave heart, we are not and will never be afraid of war. He-Goat said that the fact that he does not know how to dance does not mean that he does not know what to do when a dance is brought to his house. Credible examples abound all over the globe of the effectiveness of civil disobedience as a veritable tool for freedom struggle. It is either our die hard critics are not aware of the lucid examples or they are aware but have choosen to live in denial of reality because of their selfish aim.

The truth which these evil minded opponents of Biafra are aware of but have choosen to deny is that boycotting the forthcoming election in Anambra State and other elections that will follow it in 2019 is not a call for war in any shape or form. They also know and are jittery that the success of this election boycott will ultimately lead to the downfall of Nigeria, their zoological garden. This is because it will serve as a final testimony that the totality of Biafrans have totally rejected Nigeria and everything she represents. 

The other debate about Biafra being a landlocked country is already dead on arrival when we take into cognizance that Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River and Delta states are going to be part of the new Biafra nation based on the ancient and most authentic map of the world and that they were part of Biafraland in the first Biafran Republic, the nomenclatures they are bearing now notwithstanding. These states have large bodies of water that are connected to international waters. But assuming that the peoples of these states decide  for one reason or the other not to be part of the new Biafra, then I make very bold to say that the new state will still survive even as a so called landlocked state. Austria, Hungary, Switzerland are some of the landlocked countries of the world and they are not doing badly. At least they are ranked far ahead of Nigeria in the global developmental and standard of living index of countries in the world. Their respective Gross Domestic Products also rank far above that of this geographical mistake called Nigeria. Apart from the foregoing, there are four other reasons that will effectively quash this cowardly landlocked debate. 

The first is that these naysayers seem not to be aware that there is a United Nations Convention which guarantees landlocked countries a free right of sea passage through their neighbouring countries. So Nigeria as our neighbouring country will have no choice than to ensure that Biafra freely uses her sea routes to import and export goods. We are also free to use that of Equitorial Guinea, Benin Republic and other neighbouring countries that are not landlocked. For the avoidance of doubt and to succinctly prove our point, the United Nations Convention being discussed here is known as United Nations Convention on The Law of Sea Routes (UNCLOS). It is the international agreement that arose from the third United Nations conference on the law of the sea which held in 1972 and 1983 respectively. UNCLOS has 167 countries and the European Union as members. Nigeria ratified the convention on August 14th 1986. So she has no choice than to grant Biafra free and unhindered access through her sea route.

The second point that quashes the landlocked argument is the fact that the world is currently shifting attention to the transportation of heavy cargoes through the use of cargo planes. Biafra as a nation of pragmatic and highly creative minded and never say never people will definitely cue into this emerging trend which is faster than sea transportation, though more costlier at the moment. 

The River Niger factor is the third strong counter argument against the debate of these landlocked polemists. This river which is the principal river of Western Africa starts from the Guinea Highlands and runs a crescent through Niger and Mali on the border with Benin Republic    and then through Biafraland and Nigeria and then discharges through a massive delta known as Niger Delta or oil rivers into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean. The dredging of the river which successive governments of Nigeria have only paid lip service to, by the Government of Biafra will definitely connect Biafraland to the rest of the world sea wise and enhance the sea transportation abilities of the new nation.

It must also be stated that being landlocked, sea locked, land opened or sea opened is not in any conceivable manner, a precondition for secession from an existing country.

Finally these counter-discourse critics of Biafra have failed to tell us and the rest of the world why Nigeria is not a landlocked country is presently ranked amongst the poorest, most corrupt and least developed countries of the world. The worst is that she is not even showing any sign of swimming out of the dark and muddied waters of stagnation in which she is currently swimming in a gleeful irony.

All Hail Biafra

 - Ndubuisi Nwokedi
    Imo Media Team 

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  1. You forgot to tell them that even Abia state has access to sea if dredged, it is even closer to sea than the Port Harcourt Sea Port. Search google, it only need money to develop it to big seaport.

    So the issue of Biafra being landlocked has disappointed the WEST AND NORTH who uses that as their favorite song because Biafra is not limited to 5 states but 10 states excluding Edo State and Biafra last deputy president is from Akwa Ibom (Philip Effiong). A reasonable person will ask himself why did the governors representing the whole Biafra states both South East and South South excluding Edo State, has finally come together to be UNITED AS ONE for any future decision as one entity. It is only an illiterate and a fool that cannot read the handwriting in the wall.

    They said Biafra is about OIL but they got it wrong because Biafra is about freedom and development. They used divide and rule to scatter the EASTERN NIGERIA and after that they(WEST and NORTH) told them(South South) where they belonged(Biafra) by marginalized the both South East and South South with LACK OF FEDERAL PROJECTS while the WEST and NORTH are the ones benefiting from the OIL of fake one Nigeria. They used Ken Saro Wiwa against Biafra and finally paid him back by killing him with firing squad because to they(WEST and NORTH) you are all Biafrans and will be treated as defeated people and yet some people has not learn from the mistakes of the past.

    Only some low-IQ that are shouting Niger delta is not part of Biafra without knowing that oil is becoming common like water everyday because of large discovery of oil in many countries until when the price of bringing out a barrel of crude oil from ground will be higher than the selling price of a barrel of crude oil in the international market then whosoever that put hope in oil will have their future in total disaster very much to compare with the recession of Nigeria of today.

    If anyone thinks that Biafra is about oil they should better read history that the Igbos rebuilt all that was destroyed in the war and finally got back on top as the number one tribe with HIGHEST standard of living in Nigeria today just from 1970 with only 20 pounds given to them while they lost all much saving and also the 5 SouthEastern states has oils but because oil is only hope of a lazy man so we don't even give attention to it.

    Sometimes I challenge Yorubas to visit the SouthEast they will have a reason to respect the Igbos as all the most beautiful houses in Nigeria are located there and 90% of them are built after the war including my own duplex upon I don't live in Nigeria and my father's renovated duplex then compare all with old houses in Ibadan or any other Yorubaland except Lagos that was built by all, so you will know that Igbos NATURALLY love development and comfort that is why they are addicted to developing other parts of Nigeria but being held down by fake Nigeria federalism (Unitary govt. in disguise) if not we would have had 100% electricity today because we are most travellers and wants to bring the same development we are seeing in abroad back home if not because of this fake government of Nigeria that is caging us.

    For those that still hope in oil, watch this video below: HARLO MAYNE invented how ANY car can used 100% WATER without a single drop of fuel, that will tell you that oil is now in COMA waiting for it's final death. Don't forget that almost many countries now has discovered oil and the United States that used to buy oil is now selling oil. And also don't forget that UN is pushing for clean/renewable energy like solar, wind, bioenergy, dam e.t.c through which electricity can be generated rather than fossil fuel that pollutes the atmosphere with carbon dioxide. Biafra does not hope on oil but Technology, Commerce and Industry plus Agriculture to build a strong future.

    Meanwhile don't forget to check the video below to know that your future is in great danger if you are those kids hoping on oil.