News circulated  some time ago that Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State "saved" the life of a middle aged woman who was involved in an accident around Ugwunwasike Junction, Ogidi. The unidentified lady is said to have sustained injuries on the head and was lying on the road with passersby scrambling to find a way to take her to the hospital. Governor Willie Obiano, who was en route to an official function, "broke his convoy and with the help of his aides, put the lady in a vehicle that will take her to the "hospital" for further treatment.

Well, Election is around the corner. And whenever election is around the corner, whether federal or state the politicians in Nigeria will start their usual old shenanigans roasting and eating corn, frying Akara (Bean cake) drinking sachet water, with the poor masses in the streets and market places, they also do staged managed "humanitarian" services such as pushing wheelchair in public places just as Willie Obiano's devious tricks used  especially for an underhand purpose,  Andy Uba did too .
 No manifestos and it is not that even when they provide a manifesto that they are seen executing it when eventually voted into power, know it is just manipulating the emotions of the voting public mind games and Calculated actions to deceive the gullible.

One of them (gubernatorial candidates) is busy sponsoring "Angelus" (a Catholic prayer said three times a day) on radio stations and you will be surprised how many that will fall a prey to their mischievous cheap prank due to a high level of gullibility on the side of the masses.

About Governor Willie Obiano, I am not insinuating that what he did is one of his campaign strategies. It may be, it may not be. But if that is the reason why you will vote him, come to the Anambra State gubernatorial election,  then you need to be pitied. In fact, you need to be stripped of your voter's card, or even your right to vote. Such gesture is not what will move the state forward, Biafra Restoration is the only hope for everyone. What we need is a government that will move the state forward and that can only be achieved when Biafra is restored and it is in our hands to make sure that this is assured by boycotting  any election in Biafra land until a date for referendum is given and conducted, our destiny is in our hands, if Biafra is not restored we risk continuously been enslaved in this evil contraption called Nigeria. 
I mean, let us get our reasoning right and stop being gullible.

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