As a Biafra media soldier in the struggle for the restoration of God's kingdom on earth Biafra, I was fatigued about writing on the May 30th, 2017 'Sit At Home' which was  organized by the Indigenous People Of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, in blessed memory and remembrance of the Biafra fallen heroes and heroines between 1967-1970 when the Nigeria government committed genocide on Biafran people, leaving over 3.5 millions of which most of the victims were children and women dead. But the phenomenon surrounding the event and the high level of effect and impact created on the struggle for the actualization of the sovereign state of Biafra, as well as the picture and signal it sends to the world and other international organizations such as: United Nations, African Union and the rest of them, made me to pick up my pen and write on my observations concerning the red later day 'Sit At Home' which history shall never forsake in a hurry.

It is indispensable to write on it despite the thousands of articles and comments made concerning it, also the freshness of it in the minds of Biafrans and others, particularly because of the rate it is still boiling within my locality and beyond. Though this is an event that took place a while ago, but it continued to look as if it happened yesterday, due to the high level of compliance and positive result being achieved on the order given by Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB. This is a clear indication that Biafra has been restored to the people of Africa by Chukwu-okike-abiama (God almighty) for the sake of love he bestowed on his people as he promised.

Majorities of shops, Banks, schools, markets  in Biafra land closed down to 'Sit At Home'  in remembrance and honor to those who laid down their lives for them to live, to most of the observers in and outside Biafra land also in the contraption called Nigeria, they never thought this order will hold water knowing how serious and fanatic Biafrans handle their business, but to the greatest astonishment of all and sundry, the reverse is the result. Indeed, the people of Biafra has realized that the marriage forcefully joined together by Fredrick lord Lugard of the British in 1914 can not work anylonger hence the need for a divorce.

Recall that the 30th May, 2016 Heroes and Heroines remembrance day which took place at Nkpor Anambra state was equally a day, month and year that Biafrans will never forsake following the decimation of peaceful unarmed IPOB members by the Nigeria joint security operatives, who came out to mark the Biafran fallen heroes and heroines day. This 2017 was decleared 'Sit At Home' to honor those decimated by Nigeria government and all Biafrans complied to it, and the world should as a result of it  know that Biafrans are more ready and determined to exit the evil contraption called Nigeria. Therefore, they should without delay do the needful as to conduct a referendum in Biafra land to avart the looming catastrophic doom await this side of the earth should they push Biafrans to the wall because we have had it enough from them.

In less than two years more than a thousand nonviolence pro Biafran protestants  in their quest for self determination has been massacred by the Nigeria government, yet we still remained peaceful, even when the world seems to be mute over it, all because Referendum is the part we (Biafrans) have  choosen to take to get Biafra which has being in existence before the contraption of Nigeria in 1914 restored, and if they chooses the other way round, then we have no option than to give them what they want and if that be the case, we can asure you that the world will lack words to analyse what will be the state of the zoo called Nigeria.

The bravery and dignity of Biafrans has inspired me to concur with the Igbo speaking Biafra adage which says "If I die and come back the next generation, may I not fail to be a Biafran" (Ana alo uwa alo , indi dika unu (Biafran) akokwala m).Ise! Ise! Ise!

Long live Biafrans!
Long live lovers of freedom!
Long live  IPOB!
Long live Nnamdi Kanu!
Long live Biafra media worriors!
All hail Biafra!

 - Ogbodo kosisochukwu
    City media.
For City Media.
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