Earlier last week of July, 2017 I was searching the net as part of my daily obligation in the struggle for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra under the watch of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB,  then I came across a pulication made on Sunday, 9 July  2017 in All Naija Ent. an online news paper with the headline: Keep Quiet Or Fight Military- Oyebode dares Nnamdi Kanu. 

Having  read the headline as a media personnel, I had no much anxiety  because this could only come  from the desk of gullible slaves in the hands of Hausa Fulani politicians, then I clicked on the link because I wanted to catch the full gist, when it load and opened the page I was astonished with the content of the story, as Professor Akin Oyebode, someone who claimed to be educated with many years of experince in the field of academics, who ought to know the do and don't more especially the effects of war in this mordern society is the one suggesting that Biafrans led by Nnamdi Kanu should challenge Nigeria military to war, instead of seeking for referendum to determine the unity of the evil contraption called Nigeria.

According to Professor Akin Oyebode he argued and I quote “you have to alternate the statistics at the ground militarily. You defeat the federal government militarily. So you have a new country like that of bangladesh in 1971, like that of eritrea in 1979, like that of south sudan four years in the past.
so militarily, you have to confront the federal government and defeat them after which declare your independence. Then there’s question of recognition. In order that’s the simplest way you exchange the boundaries in africa.
After going through this article it became cumbersome to believe in that he passed through the necessary requisite to attain the level of a professor, because it will be difficult for someone who passed through Primary school, secondary school, higher institution of learning to obtain a Bachelors degree, masters degree, Phd and remained in active lecturing for some years with notable academic productivity to gain a university professor honorary award in a specific field of study, can make such statement at a critical point like this, when what is needed is a peaceful  way of bringing remedy to delapidated issues.

I am sure you are not playing a fool because the character does not fit you, let me remind you that this is 21st century not 19th or 17th century, the only thing constant in life is change, the method of gaining freedom and independence in this mordern world has changed because today there are a lots of military scientific innovations that can destroy things and lives in the world,  I am sure you know of it, but due to the little money given to you by your uneducated masters, you choose to play a fool and write nonsense to the public.

Have you so soon forgotten that the scottish fought for their independence from Britain through referendum not long ago? Do you not know that the people of catalonia will soon conduct a referendum to determine if they will remain in spain or not? Is Nigeria which was forced on Biafrans against their wish to be one a different case, even when we are sick and tired of the marginalization that the contraption known as Nigeria has subjected us into? You should know that we are Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and we have the right for self determination and self rule, Nigeria was forced to us by Fredrick Lugard of Britain in 1914 and now we are no longer comfortable with the unity due to what Hausa/Fulani cum Yoruba are doing to us, and some of you agents of darkness are working round the clock to subdue it, the truth is that you have failed, because Biafra must be restored at all cost.

Biafra must be restored either through war as you suggested or through referendum, but the choice is yours, we are ready for you irespective of the option you chooses, but let it be known to you that this is 2017 not 1967-1970, when you massacred our people in their great number of 3.5 million due to the aid you got from your British, Egypian and Rushian allies, who supplied you with sophisticated military weapons you used to decimate helpless and armless Biafrans, science and technology has got a lots of innovations even in branch of military. Then we had scientist, but now we have men that can make things happen, you are not the only one that will control the rifles and atomic weapons this time, if you choose the option for war as a means to let Biafra go, we are waiting for you monkeys and baboons in the zoo called Nigeria to start it, then you will know that we have the right to defend ourselves.

Some of you idiots who does not reason but boast with Nigeria army think it is only Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba(s) that makes up Nigeria army, not knowing that if war break out today  it will start from your base,  because we have our men in your camps, Nnamdi Kanu whom you claim not to be speaking for Biafrans has united us both the so called south-south and south-east as you puts it just to achieve your divide and rule objective in Biafra land.

Choosing referendum as a means to let Biafra go will be of great benefit to you; it will be of your detriment to choose war, knowing that we are going to fight you in revenge for massacring our people and shooting peaceful IPOB protesters who were struggling for nothing but for  their fundamental human rights for self determination, for your information we are taking good records of all our people your security operatives has killed so far, and just as Nnamdi Knau the leader of IPOB, director of Radio Biafra and Biafra Television said "In every one killed multiply it by ten" It simply means that a Biafran soul you decimated will attract ten souls from your side when the time comes, as a professor you claim to be because you do not worth to be one, just do the calculation from the 3.5 millions you massacred in 1967-1970 down to all IPOB members you have killed multiply it by ten, then you will know the result  it will give you.

This is not a threat but a confidential promise which must be delivered should you bring the war to us like the Hausa/Fulani in guise of Arewa Youths Forum said through the president of their union Yerima Shettima, in one of the publication made in Weekly post Ng and was printed in other online news papers on Monday, 10 July 2017 that they will soon take the fight to Nnamdi Kanu's domain, and attack on him or any Biafran is an attack to all and we are not taking it easy with you having known that you are morons who does not like anything peaceful.

Asking what is referendum that election will not hold is a simply way of displaying your smart  foolishness, because when we vote and our vote does not count and those we voted for when they get to the position of power will turn to kill us and contribute to our mayhem, then the best thing is not stop voting. And we still stand with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that if there is No referendum for Biafra, we will boycott every Nigeria election in Biafra land starting from Anambra election scheduled to take place on November 18th, 2017.  

 - Ogeh Friday I.
    Ebonyi Media
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  1. Best response to an ignorant who claimed to be a university professor.