As the polity and events heat up in the Nigerian state, one is not sure of what is going to happen the next second, minute or hour in this evil forest called Nigeria that was hijacked by the Sokoto caliphate, Fulani oligarchy.

With the present trend, it is glaring to every 'dick and harry' that Nigeria has become a failed state. Being as safe as Syria (as recently rated by the World Economic Forum), Nigeria has become a forbidden land for any tourist or global events. Nigeria has been taken over by the 'hyaenas and jackals' (as stated by the first lady, Aisha Buhari, some days ago), leaving the masses as the mercy of her selfish and greedy leaders.

This present Nigeria, an animal kingdom, invented by the British government to further enslave Biafrans, has decayed to an unacceptable level. Biafrans have been pushed to the wall and our only chance of survival is to fight back. Despite the 1967-1970 conspired genocide by the eleven (11) most powerful countries of the world against Biafra, the world has remained silent to the injustice meted on Biafrans fifty (50) years later.

Our women were raped, our young men killed; children were starved to death and the pregnant women were butchered, our elders wept to their grave and our land was stained with our own blood. Not only have we endured this from 1945 till 1970 but this has continued to confront us, even worse, today.

To this end, the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has not asked for so much: all we demand is for a United Nations supervised referendum to be conducted in Biafra, to ascertain if majority of Biafrans are willing to remain in Nigeria as most local and international media houses report.

We will not be weary to always clarify many gullible Nigerian leaders (or preferably called rulers) that a call for referendum is not a call for war. The more Biafra referendum is delayed, the more IPOB continues to expose the evil perpetrated by these Fulani despots and their British counterparts to the world. IPOB will stop at nothing; it will go further to awake the middle beltans in Nigeria, the oppressed minority, the persecuted northern Christians from there slumber.

We will continue to demand for referendum because it remains the most sincere means to ending the agitation that is currently sinking Nigeria; for as long as there is day and night, as long as we have breathe in us, as long as we live, we will continue to exercise our inalienable right to self-determination until Biafra is restored. We have rejected Nigeria and all that it stands for and will never wear an alien identity for the sake of colonization.

This word, one Nigeria, is been sustained by the blood of Biafrans, by our resources, human and natural and if the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, United Kingdom, United States Of America and the world at large, continues to play dumb on this Biafra case, then the result will not be in the interest of both the oppressor and the oppressed. This word should be enough if Nigeria is wise!


Written By Hon.  Princemobi 
Edited By Somuadila Ugwummadu
Lagos State Media
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