By Onumajuru Onyekachi Macsantos (Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
"It is better for fowl or a chicken to kill a dog, than a dog killing a fowl, people will say that the dog has been targeting or laying ambush for the fowl". The above proverb goes to Bishop Emmanuel Chukuwuma.

It is shameful that Bishop said what he said against Biafra. It is a sign that you have been handsomely paid for that press interview. But remember, the Biafrans you spoke against, the Biafrans you publicly sabotaged are the same Biafrans you preached to on daily basis in your church.
Let me tell you the implications of that interview you granted few days back:
You sabotaged Christianity by being economical with the truth.

You sabotaged Anglican community, association of Anglican bishops, Biafra, your entire family, your vocation and humanity in general. Christ never sabotaged his people rather he was defender of the poor and defenseless Jews and he said the truth without looking at anybody's face.
Christ even encouraged his people to pay their tax that was to show how passionate he was to his people and their development.
Bishop Chukwuma, you went against Christ's teaching and doctrine, by that paid speech you made on the interview, because you disappointed and betrayed your people like the money conscious (uwazuruike) which means you have been pretending all this while claiming to support Biafra.

You are supposed to thank IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu for doing the job you were supposed to do as a man of God than destroying and sabotaging their hard work by saying "IPOB is celebrating their Anniversary and they don't have right to tell people to sit at home" if you don't like what we are doing, please step aside, than pretending to speak for people who did not seek your advocacy (men of God) because he who fights Biafra will never rest, Biafra is a powerful spirit.

Let me ask you, have you called for protest against killing of Christians in Nigeria before? You just make empty noise on pages of newspaper without action to back it.
I am calling on Biafrans to go on social media like Facebook and twitter to expose and debunk the lies of these ungrateful men who are against our struggle. We cannot allow them to damage or delay our struggle again because enough is enough.
In Biafra we stand.

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  1. Biafra:

    Go ye into the world and make disciples of Biafra. Biafra is Education not Intimidation. Education is the impartation or acquisition of Knowledge for the independent development of an Indigenous person or persons. Don't call your Brother a fool, educate him to be wise like you, don't kill him. After all the Wise was once a Fool.

    Please, make and keep making more disciples.

    With Biafra, the future is ours to worry not theirs.

    All Hail Biafra

  2. Yes, herdsmen continue to people and destroy their farm crops but all these people have nothing to say or do about it.

  3. Yes, herdsmen continue to people and destroy their farm crops but all these people have nothing to say or do about it.

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