Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoorThe quit ultimatum issued to Igbos by the Northern youths which was backed by their elders should not be taken for granted by not only the Igbos but also to all Biafrans of Eastern extraction inhabiting the North.

From time immemorial the story has been the same, we know quite well that all the times they have issued such warning, they never went back on their words, they have always carried out their plans to the last, and this time will not be any different.

They will kill and destroy the property of anyone that hardens his or her heart not to leave the North or allow themselves to be deceived by the treacherous words of those that tell them not to worry that they are safe, assuring them protection.

The only safe place for any Biafran residing in any part of the contraption called Nigeria is Biafraland. Therefore, let them that value their lives return now. A stitch in time saves nine which in our native adage translates to “Eme ngwa emeghara odachi.”

Our innocent blood have been spilled enough. Let's not continue to give our enemies chance to keep on exterminating us extra-judiciously. People who don't have conscience or pity for their fellow humans ought not to be living together with. Separation from these aliens is the best prescription for all these anomalies that have confronted Biafrans since the amalgamation of ethnic nationalities to form Nigeria.

May Chukwuabiama bless, protect and guide all Biafrans living in the North as they heed to this advice and return home as we look forward to Biafra referendum soonest.
#God bless Nnamdi Kanu
#God bless IPOB
#All hail Biafra

 - Sunday Nwachukwu
   Enugu Media Team
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