By Goodluck C. Ekeagba(Abia Writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe

All over the world political parties are built on political ideologies. Voters typically agree with one of the main political ideologies and they vote according to the beliefs of that particular ideology. For instance, in the United States of America, the main political ideologies include:

-American Conservatism:
American conservatism argues that the government’s main job is to protect freedom and provide security. Beyond that, the government should stay out of people’s lives and should allow people to do, act, and behave as they see fit. According to the conservatives, freedom trumps equality: The government should promote the former, regardless of how expanded freedoms might affect equality.
The Conservatives argue that "the best way to achieve prosperity is for the government to stay out of the economy. Taxes should be low and regulation minimal so that the market can work most efficiently. Although the government should not ignore the plight of the poor, the best way to help the poor is to give them opportunities to better themselves."

-American Socialism: American socialists advocate strong federal leadership and centralization of the economy in order to provide the greatest public good by benefiting as many citizens as possible. Most socialists in America are democratic socialists who want to preserve the American tradition of representative government, although there are a number of small communist parties in the United States that still believe revolution is necessary in order to overthrow the capitalist order."
-American Libertarianism: A smaller but equally important American ideology is libertarianism. Libertarians believe that personal liberty trumps all other considerations. The libertarians believe that the government should stay out of peoples' lives as much as possible, lower taxes, reduce its size dramatically, and literally leave people alone. Some people advocate controversial positions, such as the legalization of drugs, abolishing income taxes, and ending all welfare programs. Libertarians are few in number, but have exercised important influences on American politics.

Having seen the type of ideologies existing in America, the question is, what type of ideology exists in Nigeria ? It's pitiable and shameful that there are no political ideologies in Nigeria. All that exist in it are political parties consisting of fat-bellied political robbers.

Nigerian electorates know nothing about the political ideology of any party except fat-bellied politicians who come to them with bundles of money only at election time and say: "vote for me. I know you're hungry, my office is a kitchen. Once I go in there I will make the food ready for you. Just manage this little money for now, when I go in there, you shall have more food".For the fact that the people are hungry, who cares about political ideology anyway? Just bring the food; done or half-done. The only language a hungry man understands is FOOD.

Surprisingly, political analysts, journalists, politicians, and of course, the unsuspecting and not-so-wise members of the public rejoice and celebrate saying: "our DEMOCRACY is progressive". How I wish they had known better than 'food is ready'. Journalists are hired to write eulogies. The jurists are paid to pervert the course of justice. Sycophants are bought to sing undeserved praises. Soldiers and their guns are fed to safeguard criminals who deserve to rot in jail. Food-mongering politicians of Nigeria in celebration of DEMOCRACY used all these players on May 29th. Welcome to animals' republic, welcome to the zoological republic of Nigeria.

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