Obiano: ever inebriated governor

By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Indignity must not be dignified. Willie Obiano, Governor of Anambra State is indignity and must not be dignified. Because of a lie told by that drink-addict of a governor, some people want to dignify him by associating him with Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
Recently, there was an emerging spurious defamation against Nnamdi Kanu's reputation, being promoted by the lying Governor, and his media and civil society agents. Biafrans of all walks of life have not found it funny, and are spoiling for war that the mentally ill Governor who resides at Awka Government House. He bribed some media houses, especially, to tell lies against Kanu and IPOB.
The online media outfit was being used to counter offensive against IPOB because of the groups resolve to boycott every election to be conducted by Nigeria in Biafraland. Obiano will be standing for election for a second term in office in the coming months; in that election and that was why he weaved the lie.
The lie was that Kanu received $500,000, and two Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) – a kind of blackmail stunt that could only be played by kindergarten minds – from he. It was a lie that was instantly identified and debunked by both Biafrans and right thinking people (Biafrans and Nigerians alike) long before now. But some very pathetic bodies that were before now seen as reputable latched onto it and tried to impugn Kanu and IPOB’s integrity with it.
They were groups like International Society for Civil Liberty and rule of Law (Intersociety); Southeast Based Coalition of Human Right Organization (SBCHRO); and others, which grouped Kanu with some discredited Nigerian politicians of Igbo-Biafra extraction. Among the politicians were Peter Obi; Kanu; and Ike Ekweremadu, Nigerian Deputy Senate President.
Before now, Biafrans had reposed so much confidence on Intersociety, for their relentless efforts, standing against the dehumanization of Biafrans; and the reckless use of force by Nigerian government against its own citizens. With its recently reaction, calling on Kanu to deny the reports and equating him to be on the same level with the politicians (especially Peter Obi who was a mass murderer of Biafrans) the people are beginning to doubt their genuineness.
They are now asking Emeka Umeagbalasi, of Intersociety what their relationship had been with the murderous Obi, and why he should be linked with the Biafran leader.  Does it mean, the Biafrans have wondered, that Intersociety does not know that Kanu, rejected all the offers made to him by Nigerian Government and its British ally. Do they not know Kanu was offered the position of Vice President of Nigeria; billions of Dollars; oil wells; estate of his choice within the Nigerian federation; so many others?
Do they not know of the prayers Kanu always rendered on air, saying that any day he contemplates collecting bribe, that God should destroy him and wipe out his family? This was the same Kanu that told the Nigerian state that if it felt to organize a referendum for Biafrans, that there would be no more elections in Biafraland.
Intersociety must therefore defend themselves that they have not collected bribe from Nigerian politicians to work against the Biafrans. Other lovers of Biafra and lovers of freedom have been visiting Kanu, why have they not visited him to ask him directly? Perhaps Intersociety has become the enemy of the things they preached without anybody being the wiser.
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