By Emmanuel Kelechi (Abia writers)
Edited by Livingrich Ezeikpe
It is necessary to know where you belong to avoid living all your life as a confused man, hence DNA is a necessity to all, for one to be very sure of whom he or she is.
On the 31th of may 2017, vanguard reported a letter from a group under the aegis of south east peoples Assembly (sepa).

The letter was signed by the leader of the said group, by name prince Chukwuemeka Okorie, a song writer that lives in Onitsha according to his Facebook account. The group commanded the chief judge of the high court, justice Ibrahim Auta, to revoke mazi Nnamdi kanu's bail. He gave the high Court seven working days to do that. That alone shows the height of arrogance and disrespect to the high court. The group maintained that mazi KANU has continued to conduct himself in a manner that is totally at variance with the terms and conditions of his bail.

If I must educate this group and their leader, prince Chukwuemeka, that mazi KANU has always been a lawful leader of the lawful group called The indigenous people of Biafra whose rights have been constantly violated by the military personnel in Nigeria. And instead of this so called SEPA reacting to the violent ways IPOB members are being treated, they chose to fight innocent people.
Nnamdi KANU has never gone against the terms and conditions because he has not gone out to engage any crowd of more than ten people, nor hold any rally, all he did was to exercise his right of freedom of worship by worshipping Chukwokike Abiama on Shabbat and welcome visitors to his house.
The sepa claims that mazi KANU is a threat to the unity, security and peace of Nigeria. But if I must ask this question, when has self-determination become a threat to the security and peace in a country?
All that the indigenous people of Biafra and her leader want is freedom for Biafra.
The group went on to say that the struggle by the leader of IPOB for the restoration of Biafra is irrelevant, that the struggle does not enjoy the support of the right thinking Igbo people both home and diaspora.

First, Biafra is not only for the Igbos alone. Igbo is just a language in Biafra land and all the original people of Biafra are all in support of this restoration both home and diaspora.
Its very important that you must investigate properly before you engage your self in a task that can ruin your little career Mr. Chukwuemeka.

Its obvious that DSS paid you, for this dirty job but you must be very careful about the kind of man you work for or against. You chose to be a sellout mr Chukwuemeka because of the little coins the DSS gave you, without knowing that the money they paid was stolen from your own Box. It is important for you to do a DNA test to ascertain where you are from. Because you cannot be from Igbo speaking Biafra and be betraying Biafra.
Biafra is the only answer. Biafra can save you, me and all that are involved.

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