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Conduct a Referendum now to avert looming carnage in Nigeria

Biafrans with Biafra Flag during a #FreeNnamdiKanu Protest in 2016

By Onyebuchi Eucharia

Going by the state of things in Nigeria after the northern Nigeria placed the Nigeria authorities and the entire nation on notice that as from 1st October 2017, that they shall commence the implementation of visible actions to prove to the whole world that they are no longer part of any federal union that has to do with the Biafrans, is a time to call for referendum that will enable peaceful dissolution of the Nigeria state.

The northern youth on 6th of June 2017, gave Biafrans ultimatum to vacant their region. They categorically stated that they will no longer co-exist in the same country with Biafrans, effect from 1st October 2017. 

However, for northerners to give such ultimatum to Biafrans that have the legal right to go about their legal businesses and activities and to place federal authorities and the whole world on notice that they are no longer part of the federal union with Biafrans from October 1st is not just a day decision but a long-awaited plan. And this act is known as treason of highest order, and the Nigeria DSS and the Nigeria government authority have not arrested and locked down those behind the real treason.

Thus, IPOB are not surprised, that those who committed treason, the northern youth and the elders are still going about their normal life. But the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his men who never committed any crime or treason of any kind or ask any ethnic group residing in their region to leave were and still locked down in different prison custody in Nigeria. 

The activist who was granted bail on health grounds with outrageous bail condition and his people IPOB are only seeking self-determination, which they had demonstrated peacefully, as it was written in both Nigeria and UN constitution.

 Therefore, it is on the bad side of the Nigeria government that those that actually committed treason, the northerners are untouchable and above the law. IPOB hereby demand immediate arrest, persecution of those behind rebellion against the Biafrans in the northern part of Nigeria or strike out all allegation levied against their leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the court. And as a matter of urgency call for a referendum that will enable the  Nigerians to determine their fate of existence, through peaceful dissolution before turning to rebels amid a looming carnage.

Written by: Onyebuchi Eucharia
Edited & Published by Mazi Collins
For IPOB writers
Twitter: @ipob_writers

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