Author:  Okoronkwo, Chukwu Iheke (ABSU).
• Editor: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) had once again, on 30th of May proved to the entire world how determined they were to get Biafra. It is worthy of note that Biafra agitation is now gathering a serious momentum, reminding all and sundry how devoted and fanatical Biafrans are in their quest to restore their lost nation.

Recall that it took Mazi Nnamdi Kanu just three years of broadcasting on Radio Biafra and 18 months in prison to convince his people on this very issue of Biafra restoration, and by so doing he has been able to get his people to know and understand their rights to exist as humans. 

IPOB, under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, is truly making our people have an unprecedented unity of purpose. A single proof of this is the event of 30th May, our “Fallen Heroes and Heroines Remembrance Day.” There was a total lock down in Biafra Land. The Hausa man at the government house in Imo state, Owerri called Rochas Okorocha was said to have, on this very day been out there on the streets begging and trying to bribe some people with money to open their shops or go about their normal businesses but was totally ignored. 

The Biafra Fallen Heroes and Heroines Remembrance day had shown the entire world how dedicated our people are towards Biafra agitation. It had proved the fact that every living soul in Biafra land whether an IPOB member or not is loyal to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and obeys his command due to their undying love for their lovely nation - Biafra. 

Permit me to say that am always happy when I get to see how resolute and steadfast most of our people are especially when it has to do with Biafra restoration. Many of our Biafran brethren are ever ready to lay down their lives so that Biafra can be restored. They are always in solidarity with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in his quest to return this God’s Kingdom on this very earth. I doubt if those who still clamour for one Nigeria will ever exhibit such love for the zoo country. Those who still believe in the unity of Nigeria are nothing but parasites to it. For the fact that they make their wealth from people’s suffering, they will never support disintegration of this forced marriage. Believe you me, such people can never sacrifice their lives for the progress of the land.

Referring back to the 30th of May event, In Abia State University, academic activities were totally grounded. The school arena on that very day was as desolate and silent as a graveyard. Students had chosen to stay indoors. The lecturers and even the non-academic staffs also danced to the tune of the day. The vice chancellor of the school was not left out as well. Neither he nor his car was spotted in the school premises. The absence of the ever intimidating soldiers at the Army checkpoint in front of the school gate was also noticed. This showed that they too observed the day. Inside the compound, few students lazily loitered about.  When I approached them to get details as regards to the event of the day, I noticed judging from their utterances, that most of our youths nowadays lack the knowledge of their history. A shame! One of the students I interviewed as to what caused the total lock down of the citadel of learning simply told me (based on how he understood it) that he believed the day to be  “Biafra Day” but lacked the knowledge of what was being celebrated. At that, I laughed and began to tutor them on the issue of Biafra. 

When done with the students, I proceeded to the school owned Radio house with a fellow Biafran and demanded for a time to feature on air. To my uttermost surprise, we were granted 30 minutes of their time to anchor a program on the station. It was titled: BIAFRA: MATTERS ARISING: MAY 30TH 2017 on ABSU FM 101.9 The program was mostly based on questions from listeners (IE phone-ins)

Firstly, we had talked on the foundation of the contraption called "Niger area.” I took the side of blaming the British government while my colleague argued on the actions of our fathers who willfully accepted the creation of Nigeria which had led to the numerous problems we are facing today. 

We also talked about why Nigeria can NEVER work as one. A caller compared Nigeria with USA stating clearly that the USA was not made up of one people. We agreed with him that USA was not made up of one indigenous people but did not fail to inform him that the USA had a common or one value system and that there was a presence of "national consciousness" in the lives of the citizens of USA. However in Nigeria, reverse seemed to be the case. And many other answers we gave. 

I wish to thank ABSU 101.9 FM immensely for granting us the opportunity to feature live on air to discuss the issue of our dear nation, Biafra on the 30th of May,2017 our Fallen Heroes and Heroines remembrance day. It was indeed a huge event which had sparked up the fire in our lives and had put serious fear into the very dark hearts of baboons and monkeys living in the zoo. We are really grateful! 30th of May was like a bomb thrown at the abominable contraption called Nigeria and those animals in human forms who see the evil forest created by a white man called Fredrick Lugard as a place of abode are now running helter-skelter to secure it. But no matter how they struggle to still hold Biafrans from being free from their evil captivity, Biafra must come to be because Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama sanctioned it and with Him on our side, impossible is nothing. Believe me! Believe it!

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