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Biafra people are unique; they are the chosen people of Chukwu Okike Abiama but they have been the most oppressed race on the planet earth today.  It weakens the vein when Igbo politicians who were supposed to stand up and defend Biafra carry themselves with a sense of importance to the presidency only to go and receive deceptive instruction of ensuring one Nigeria from their master in Abuja without insisting on getting answers to the bugging questions hanging over Biafra, the quit notice in the north and the Biafra referendum.

When they go to such meetings they expect everybody to believe that they are going to represent the interest of the masses. The Nigerian media is always showing pictures of gorgeously dressed politicians in the meeting.  To us we only see their big heads hanging like unripe water melon when they have no solution to our bugging questions. It is clear that they are not thinking about the masses, they only go to plan the next chain of lies to steal the will of the masses and as soon as they have received enough instructions from their Abuja master, they are coming back to rain mayhem on the masses like one who swallowed a pill and forgot his surname.

Gone are the days when politicians will have Biafrans maimed; suppressed, oppressed, deprived, insulted, starved, and murdered, yet I hear such absurd remarks like "one Nigeria" from the lips of some of my fellow Biafrans. How dare you preach oneness in a country that shows favoritism to Hausa Fulani? Oneness cannot, and will never find root in this contraption called Nigeria. Where is one love in a supposed secular country denying the emergence of non-Muslim leaders?

Where is one love in a country that has been fighting for over decades to Islamize the nation against your will? Where is one love in over 3.5million Biafrans massacred by the same pretentious government that was supposed to protect them?

There is something unique about every Biafran that the world is yet to understand. It does not matter what anybody is thinking about it, what is important is that Biafran people are unique and we know who we are.

Achebe noted this far back in 1982, “The competitive indivalism and the adventurous spirit of the Igbos are necessary ingredients in the modernization and development of Nigeria society. It is neither necessary, nor indeed possible to suppress them. Nigeria without the inventiveness and dynamism of the Igbos would be a less hopeful place
than it is", CHINUA ACHEBE, 1982. The above statement would give an average BIAFRAN a deserving sense of importance. In this case, I'm using "BIAFRAN"! The quest for BIAFRA restoration is not only for the Igbos, but for all the good people of BIAFRA scattered around the globe.  The hatred on Biafra is just a sign of jealousy but it does not change who we are It is high time to take our destiny into our hands. 

Wake up AllBiafra must wake up now. All hands must be on deck! No one is allowed to sit on the fence. There is no amount of sacrifice that makes you loved in Nigeria. No one loves or cares for you in this country. No one values' your life, simply because they are threatened by your existence. But what does it make you, a victim? Hell no! You can never fall to their bullets again but you must stand up for your right. You are formidable. You are special. You do not deserve a life of suffering. You deserve to be able to provide your basic needs. You deserve good roads. You deserve uninterrupted power supply. You deserve clean drinking water. You deserve good education. You deserve security but you can never have any of these if you fail to stand up.

It is time for you to come out and join your brothers and sisters all over the world who are demanding for a better world for us and for our unborn children. Stop hiding in cowardice under forced false unity and peace.

You are leader. You are BIAFRA.

- Onyinye Chukwu Nnabuko
   Anambra State Media 
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