Reporter:              Joseph Chukwuemeka Davidson
Editor:                   Nada Ugochinyere

Here in Lagos state, the heart and the business center of the ZOO,
In Obalende and Falomo market IKOYI area; few shops were spotted open while many were closed.

Right in Island (Idumota) market it was like an abandoned city, while
in some areas where I couldn't be at that moment but was able to put calls across to  some reliable source, I was able to get the following updates;

Right inComputer Village( Ikeja)  area of the state, mixed up, some observed the seat at home while some went about their normal business,

In Alaba international market, though owned by Biafrans, was unfortunate that not all of them observed the seat at home order.

I'm m yet to reach Ikorodu traders at the moment as their lines are either switched off, not reachable or not picking, but believe me the whole Lagos was affected by the sit at home order; hence everyone here was on full notification about our heroes and heroines remembrance day.

While on my investigation tour, most of the mine security friends serving the zoo also put calls across to me, to congratulate me for our victory. This caught my most inward man because it only increased my passion; owing to the fact that these were formerly my enemies who some time ago, tried to humiliate me for being outspoken in Biafra aspect.

Right in Park view Estate IKOYI where am reporting from, I could only see four people while in the process, laid complaints stating that their activities for the day were crippled since there were little or no market close for them to buy nor sell.

According to them, "no market today, Oh all the markets are closed, rather we heard that Biafrans remembered their fallen heroes. This caused us much because we wasted our incomes and time as well". One of the explained to one Mr. Ganiu.

Lagos was not left out. All Hail Biafra.

Joseph Chukwuemeka Davidson aka (Biafra first born)

Edited By Nada Ugochinyere,

For Umuchiukwu writers.
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