Author: Eze Ferdinand Chijioke 

■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ June 25, 2017
It should come just as written that when God wanted to set the Israelites free from the snares and captivity of Egypt into the promised land, he made use of an instrument, called Moses. When God called Moses he told him to go and meet Pharoah and tell him to let his people go but Moses at first was afraid because of unforeseen circumstances that posed serious concern, however, this was all happening according to the dictates of God because God had earlier said that he would harden the heart of Pharoah. Pedophile made Moses have asked God, saying, whom shall I tell the Israelites and Pharoah that sent me? And God replied saying "tell them that i am" that I am" sent you and that is how he summoned the courage to meet Pharaoh because the mantle of authority has been handed down, because it is now established, because it is now with very certain that what he is about to embark upon is a divine mandate, it is the liberation of the Indigenous People from the captivity of the evil ones . Alas, Moses met Pharoah, he conveyed the message of God to him on why the people of God must be set free from slavery, upon hearing this message, Pharoah refused although this is as God wanted it because he wanted to let the Israelites know him and reverence him and in this wise, it has in the scripture that God hardened the heart of Pharoah and he continued to torment the people of God . When compared to contemporary Nigeria, the event as told is a replica of what is happening, where Buhari has assumed the exact power Pharoah exercised that led to his doom in the latter end, while Nnamdi Kanu reflects the Moses of the Biafra Nation and today Nnamdi Kanu's antecedents in the struggle for the restoration of Biafra is a proven source to reckon upon, he has come and God has hardened the mind of Pharoah Muhammadu Buhari in order TO reveal himself through Nnamdi Kanu. The freedom we are about to enjoy today is because God wants to free us using Nnamdi Kanu as the wheel that will perfect this task through IPOB. Hence he (God) has made the handwriting as crystal clear, he raised another Pharoah from the North whom he allowed coming into power, there, Buhari fell for the trap and illegally abducted Nnamdi Kanu, imprisoned him (Nnamdi Kanu) this backfired and made him famous and recognized as a freedom fighter all over the world, to hasten the restoration of the coming of Biafra, to give us freedom we have been denied for donkey years . Finally, at about Right now, the so called the Nigeria Egyptian British zoo empire are in total confusion because they have made a great mistake by arresting our leader which made the whole Biafrans and the world to love him more
In the whole world the name of our leader have been written as a freedom fighter not as a rebel which the Buhari wanted to term him yet the most surprising thing is that the Buhari whom God has used in promoting our leader is nowhere to be found, he has been struck with an ailment that has denied medical diagnosis .Today they know him as tyrant, killer, Jihadist, pedophile and an abuser of human right all over the world.

I want to affirm therefore that nobody can stop Biafra Restoration and coming Referendum.
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