Author:        Chiukwubuike Anagboso
Editor:          Ugochinyere Onyechere

Historically, World War II was caused following the killing of six million Jews by Adolph Hitler of Germany. It's it obvious that the same is bound to happen to look at the state of Biafrans? The referendum is the only measure that can avert a Third World War. This is certain; so far so good, Biafra has been globally known and recognized. During the 30th May observation, it was on a note that about 98 countries were participants of the event. The world has come to realize that Biafrans have been under marginalization and subjugation for long. This should get the attention of conducting a referendum for them to chose where to be, in order to avert the another World War. 

It is on a note that the results of past civil wars which has occurred includes the destruction of already existing development, lost of lives properties, and even Destabilization of the growing economy in many ways. In most wars, women, and children suffer most because, when the battle men fail to win, the children and mothers are taken as slaves, and are thereby subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment; as a proverb says " when two Elephants fights, it is the grasses that suffer". But in the case of Biafra/Nigeria civil war which took place in 1967 as a result of forceful declaration of an independent state of the Biafra Nation in the old eastern region of Nigeria by the then leader of the region, Chiukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu; the declaration which many countries gave their support due to the pogrom experienced by the people of Biafra, especially those living in the northern region of Nigeria, in the hand of their northern neighbours who massacred them in tens of thousand. But it's quite unfortunate that the colonial masters(Britain), being envious and developing hatred on Biafrans, decided to support the enemies in all ramifications to annihilate, exterminate or completely wipe out the entire populace of the Biafra Nation from this planet earth; all because of envy and jealousy, and because they want to fully get hold of the resources in Biafra land. Due to this selfish reason, women and children were not just taken as slaves but starved to death.

However, the war of 1967-1970 fought by Biafrans unprepared lasted for almost three years even with the gang up of other regions in Nigeria against the Igbos, and which Britain gave full military support to Nigeria. It is now unarguable for one to note that the new Biafra agitation for self-determination is peaceful, well organized, and as a matter of fact, lawful; as enshrined in the UN charter which Nigeria adopted long ago ( right of indigenous people for self-determination). And is very expedient for all to observe that the self realisation of other clans and tribes who are regarded as minorities by Nigeria and were given Niger Delta as a divide and rule name by the British, which are among the Igbo tribe that make up Biafra Nation, and the reconciliation among brothers of the Israeli family, and also the recognition given to Biafrans all over the world by lovers of Freedom and defenders of Equity, Justice and Truth is a sign for any reasonable human being to believe that not giving way for referendum to take its course or decide the Biafra's fate will cause doom for Nigeria and the world at large.

Publisher:   Prince Richmond C. Amadi

For Umuchiukwu writers.
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