Editor:        EZEKWEREOGU JOHN 

The federal government of Nigeria and its northern elites will never stop amazing Biafrans as they have continued to showcase their illiterate and ignorance to the world who are now making mockery of them and has seen them as wild animals who are supposed to be living In the jungle because of their inability to reason like a human being, but in any case, the Nigeria government and it northern elites don't reason at all. They are empty heads, this is one of the reasons why Biafrans are agitating for their freedom because they cannot afford to be living in a country with wild animals who think of nothing but war each time they hear Biafra. 

Before I go on with this article, I want to educate the federal government of Nigeria and the northern oligarchy on what self-determination means and how it is a right to any human being and Biafrans and the world in general so that they will stop their unsavory threats about war when it is not yet time because we are not afraid of any war either that have sort to pursue the restoration of Biafra in a manner that is reasonable and lawful in all ramifications. 

The agitation of Biafra is all about self-determination, it is the right of indigenous people of a particular race who want to choose the form of government they will have or a process by which an indigenous people determine its own statehood and forms its own government.

To northerners and the federal government of Nigeria, self-determination in our own case (Biafra) is all about freedom from Hausa/Fulani killings, hatred, political domination, economic slavery, marginalization, agenda to Islamization of all Biafrans, religious intolerance and injustice in Nigeria. 

Self-determination is an avenue for a healthy competition for development as in the case of Singapore and Malaysia, in the case of Nigeria am sensing a healthy competitive development among the original components part that makeup that contraption called Nigeria each making useful progress while competing with the others.

I know majority of Nigeria Leaders and Nigerians are ignorants who see self-determination as a call for war like their president who said Mazi Nnamdi Kanu committed Treasonable Felony for exercising his right, now Osinbajo who claimed to be a professor of law came out with same thoughts with  northerners saying that the people calling for self-determination are calling for war. How can? is this person so backward with realities of modern civilization not to know that self-determination is a universal law enshrined by United nations charter that has to do with the right of a particular people who are demanding for freedom so that they decide on how to govern themselves? 

you have killed a large number of Biafrans who seek freedom and have never picked up  Arms for one day but have instead remained peaceful and resolute in their quest for the total restoration of the Biafra Nation. How reasonable is it that such rights are now what you (Nigeria Islamic government) have termed war, is this not pure madness been exercised in its highest hierarchy? 

Is Osinbajo that ignorant not to know that Nigeria is signatory among those who supported self-determination at United nations general assembly or have the pedophile walking dead of a President not seen several times campaigning for the self-determination of the Palestinian race? , if Osinbajo is a professor of law like he claimed which I know he never merited, is he not supposed to know that there is a clearly defined discrepancy between self-determination and treasonable Felony as they accused Mazi Nnamdi Kanu? , I or is it because Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has refused to be bribed to drop the agitation for the restoration of Biafra by the Ohanaeze-ndi-Igbo and the old Eastern governors who have sworn to be perpetual slaves to the Hausa Fulani oligarchy. 

To the ignorant federal government of Nigeria and its northern elites, self-determination is therefore not a call about war  but for peaceful separation of Biafrans who have unanimously say no to the forced union created by the British to control the God given Natural resources currently harnessed illegally, day in day out in all Biafra land after all there is nothing wrong for one to decide he is no longer comfortable with the union and therefore want to opt out. 

Finally, let the world bear witness to all that has continuously been revealed during this struggle for the restoration of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Self-determination is a universal law and not a call for war. We want to be free from the clutches of Hausa and the British slavery glands and to achieve this, we have decided to boycott all elections that will hold in Biafra land until a date for the referendum is announced and slated. All hail Biafra 

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