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Biafran nation is by no standard the formation or creation of any mortal being. The Igbo speaking Biafrans have been in existence for many years. Acholonu (2009) for example, traces the unknown and lost history of the Igbo speaking people of Biafra all the way to 500,000 – 1,000,000 years. This means that Biafra existed long before the British government creation of what later came to be known as Nigeria.
Biafrans believe that their dead should be given a befitting burial in other to put the spirit to rest. In Biafra land the living are not celebrated as much as the dead. The dead in Biafra land are very well celebrated. Biafrans believe that if the dead is not given a befitting burial rite, its spirit will not be at rest hence the trouble Biafrans take to give their dead a befitting burial.

Even the devilish British government admitted that northern (Nigeria) forces were violently killing Biafrans in mass during Biafran genocide of 1967 - 1970. Many Biafrans died, so many of those people who died because of Biafra during that genocide were not properly buried. At least about 3.5 million Biafrans were massacred, their women were raped and killed, their young ones slaughtered like animals by Hausa/ Fulani soldiers.

The supreme leader of IPOB Nnamdi Kanu being a man sent by God remembered the belief of Biafrans about the dead and the burial rites that should be done. He announced to Biafrans that on 30th May of every year, these heroes who died for the sake of Biafra and were not given their proper burial rites after their death, must be given their rituals so that they can rest in peace.

The first 30th May that was celebrated by Biafrans was on 30th May 2014, which was at Enugu state where Nnamdi Kanu was given the power of authority by the forefathers of Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu promised to serve Biafra with pure heart, dedication, honesty and without fear. The second 30th May was celebrated at Christ The King Catholic Church (CKC) Aba. Biafrans gathered and prayed for the dead and Biafrans were happy.

The third was at Onitsha, on 30th May 2016, that was the worst of the whole celebrations. The remembrances turned bloody, many Biafrans lost their lives. More than 300 Biafrans were killed but official Amnesty International report put the number at 150 Biafrans killed and so many injured, some permanently disfigured. The Nigerian forces killed Biafrans who came from different parts of Biafra land both male and female.

30th May 2017 was declared sit at home and prayer day. The remembrance of these fallen heroes will surly stand because it is the culture of the Biafrans to honor and respect their dead especially these people who died that we may live as free people..

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