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There is an anxiety in Imo State as Gov. Rochas Anayo Okorocha finalises his plan to punish Imo Biafrans over their adherence to the sit at home exercise ordered by IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The Gov. who glowered at the total shutdown of activities in Imo Biafraland on 30th May, wondered why the state civil servants, public servants, traders and transporters should down tool after strict warnings earlier by the Governor not to, and incentives given by the state Government to them.

The Governor who was said to had boasted to abort the sit at home in the state, wondered why those he agreed with, especially the market leaders and transporters could “back stabbed” him, despite some dose of stimuluses  he gave out. The heartbreak the “total shutdown of socio-economic” activities of the state on 30th May by IPOB gave Rochas Okorocha is really disturbing. Rochas Okorocha was seen on the street of Owerri on 30th May begging Biafrans to come out for social activities and was ridiculed by Biafrans. 

Governor Rochas Okorocha who saw things by himself on 30th May, was in big tremor to have seen Banks, the State and federal institutions in the state locked and keyed. Among these are, the state University (IMSU), Federal University of Technology (FUTO), the state and federal polytechnics. Also in Rochas eye witness account were the total closed down of the state secondary and primary schools, Banks, the South African own “Shoprite” operating in the state.

 An insider who doesn’t want his name on print, told the Imo Media Team that “the Governor got mad when we got to the state secretariat, surprisingly, the commissioners, political appointees and civil servants were nowhere to be found. When the governor demanded why everywhere were shutdown, the commissioners and other political appointees who could not turn up to work on 30th May gave weightless excuses on security ground. Surprisingly, we heard on air the next day (31th) that they are all fired”.  

It will be recall that the 30th May sit at home exercise was hundred percent observed in the 27 local Government areas of Imo Biafraland. The IPOB leadership in the state had earlier before now reached out to Biafrans for the need to sit at home on 30th May. The total close down of the state despite non Radio Biafra FM signal in the state shows the good job done by the coordinators in the state. 

The story of the exercise in Imo is obviously important, considering the fact that the state Governor Anayo Rochas Okorocha did all his best to undo the order given by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu). Rochas Okorocha failed attempt to destroy the exercise as he destroyed the FM signal of Radio Biafra London is worth celebrating. The Governor has been in fore front of sabotaging Biafran restoration project which many attribute to his Muslim and Hausa affiliation. 

As his formal commissioners and political appointees were punished, a reliable source within the “Douglas House” confirmed to the Imo Media Team of the ongoing plans by the state Governor to punish Biafrans of Imo over the observance of the sit at home exercise. Imo Media Team is on close watch to unravel whatever the disciplinary measure will be.

- Chika Austin
 Imo Media Team (IMT)

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  1. Rogers Okorocha has singled himself as number one enemy of Biafran people. He's been marked.