Author:  Onwe Ozioma

Information from an indisputable source has revealed that the federal government through the instrumentality of its police, has perfected plans to get hold of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra.It was further gathered that police helicopter was seen hovering around his residence. Further information has it that they also want to assassinate him should the arrest plan fall through.

We want to plead with the world leaders to call the Nigerian government to order.And human rights organizations to come to the rescue of citizen Kanu. Recall that the IPOB leader was recently granted bail by a high court of the same government, after spending over thirty months in detention. It is expected that a government should implement the law as its court system decides it. But, the Nigerian government has proven over time to be a lawless institution.

What on earth would make a government delight in depriving an innocent citizen his fundamental human rights? It should be noted that he has committed no crime against the government or any individual. He is rather a lover of human rights who is very dedicated to liberating the whole of Africa from slavery. 

We want to let the world know that we the indigenous people of Biafra, would not fold our arms and watch Nigeria arrest or assassinate our leader when a court has granted him bail. Nobody should tag us terrorists should we take up arms against the government, because we have been provoked beyond measure

 Umuchukwu Writers.
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  1. And what is stopping you from taking up arms? 😂 You are some beasts with no common sense, born with hatred over what you can't defeat. Remember, you are still within the territory of Nigeria and the rules apply. Please take up arms and let the process begin.