Foreign journalists visit Kanu

By Tim Tochukwu
For Biafra Choice Writers

For many foreign journalists across the world, Biafraland is the place to be at the moment. They all want to be part of the Biafra Heroes Remembrance Day (known simply as Biafra Heroes Day).
This year’s celebration is special because it marks 50 years since the declaration of the Republic of Biafra in 1967. Apart from that, this is the first time it would be celebrated with a Sit-at-Home protest, a form of mock referendum for Biafra.
Information getting to Biafra Choice Writers’ desk is that many hotels in Abuja and Lagos, are witnessing an upsurge in journalists who had come into the accursed country, Nigeria, en-route Biafraland. As a matter of fact, some of the journalists have already arrived Biafraland, lodged in hotels, and are patiently waiting for the D-day. Many of them have indeed been observed at Afara-Ukwu Ibeku, in Umuahia – the hometown of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).
Even though the Heroes Day will be celebrated openly (with colour and grandeur) in all the countries of the world, it will not be so in Biafraland, where there will be a Sit-at-Home protest, which has caught the interest of the journalists. They want to use it to gauge the popularity of the Biafra struggle among Biafran people.
The day, “Biafra Fallen Heroes Day” has always been celebrated by IPOB in all the parts of the world since 2013. The celebration is in respect to Biafrans killed by the murderous Fulani bloodsuckers and their Hausa slaves in the many orgies of violence they perpetrated against Biafran people. It is also celebrated to respect Biafrans who died in the 1967-70 Biafra/Nigeria war – both in the battle-fields and in their homes. It is usually a celebrated in respect to the combatants and the innocent civilians, women and children murdered in their residents, churches markets, and train and vehicle stations.
Before now, the celebration were celebrated everywhere (including Biafraland) with marches, singing and dancing, in the usually exciting Biafran colours. But the Nigerian Army, Navy and Police have always used the opportunity to murder the innocent and defenseless Biafrans. This is why this year’s celebration in Biafraland will be done with the people sitting indoors with prayers and supplication, and deep reflections.
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