Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah & DSS 


Ever since the chief terrorist of Nigeria known as Muhammad Buhari took over power from Goodluck Jonathan, this illegal organization called DSS (Department of State Security)  have been on a rampage of kidnapping and harassing innocent civilians without charging them to court. This terrorist group who have been working for Muhammad Buhari have gone to the extent of breaking people's house at midnight to arrest them without warrants of arrest from a court.

Even when the court asked them to provide the evidence offense in court or release the accused person, they will not obey the order. This terrorist DSS have now turned to the chief judge of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to arrest and pass judgment by themselves.

The current arrest and statement made by Department of State Security (DSS) to "sentence IFEANYI UBAH to death" Is a clear evidence that they are after his life and that of our top men, but we Biafrans must not allow anything to happen to him, he is our son.

How many Fulani herdsmen and Boko harm responsible for the killings and raping of farmers and villagers in various parts of Nigeria have been sentenced to death?. Now you want IFEANYI UBAH who committed no civil offense or a criminal offense to be sentenced to death. Mind you that IFEANYI UBAH never stole any product from NNPC depot and also NNPC is owning him the sum of N16 billions, he has every full right to take the product since they are owning him. Why don't NNPC build their own storage facilities, with all the money they have been making every day?

The man that terrorist DSS want to sentence to death is the one who helped the federal government of Nigeria when Goodluck Jonathan was about to step down and there was scarcity of fuel of which fuel was sold at the rate of 250 to 300 Naira a litre in every filling station but  IFEANYI UBAH brought in many tankers of fuel to assist Nigerians by selling N80 per litre and saved Nigeria and Nigerians from the shame it would have caused them.

Since DSS want to sentence IFEANYI UBAH to death, they should also include all the looters in the North and, also Dangote who import plastic rice and fake products that have been killing thousands of Nigerians because that's the worst economic sabotage. DSS should also include themselves in the list kidnappers, for kidnapping and harassing innocent civilians and for belonging to the illegal organization, it's a security sabotage, all DSS agents should also be sentenced to death.

What is happening to IFEANYI UBAH is as a result of his loyalty to Nigeria and love for one Nigeria. Any Biafran serving the zoo called Nigeria must surely come back in shame quote by Nnamdi Kanu, the early you declare yourself a Biafran the better for you or else, they will come for you.

Let nothing happen to our son IFEANYI UBAH or else, the contraption called Nigeria will burn to ashes. We Biafrans demand the unconditional release of our son,  IFEANYI UBAH.

Publisher:      Udeagha Obasi
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