Biafran Artist Don Prince was today welcomed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The artist who was in Nnamdi Kanu's home "to see and welcome" the leader of the Indigenous, could not control his joy as according to him, "everything has turned out to be the receiving of fatherly blessing from my leader and mentor".

The artist while feuding questions from Biafran journalists, stated that "director's well being is of utmost important to me. I am really privileged to be around such a leader whose words strengthens me. You see, I had been offered 15 Million Naira by an agent of APC led Government for me to stop singing for Biafran course, but I said no. Biafra is my dream and today, my leader has blessed me the more for me to triumph above them all. I decided to pull out myself to see my leader despite my health condition. I just came back from medical trip abroad, where I was operated. But hearing that My leader is around, I said no to procrastination. Thank God I am here and all is settled", he stated.

Don Prince is one of the popular Biafran artists who was adopted by the Nigerian DSS and detained unlawfully. during his trial in the hands of the DSS, he had a health challenge which he is battling with today.

- Austin Paul
Imo Media Team
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