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When the British people first came to our land, they had brought with them a “parcel.” This parcel was beautifully wrapped and boldly written on the outside was “Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama. This was a prank to deceive us into accepting them because they knew we love “Chiukwu” (God Almighty) with passion and we adore Him with every vestige in us. But the major purpose of Britain coming to our land was not to bring religion to us but to trade. When they noticed how religious our people were and how near we were to our God, they had to improvise and presented to us their own worship, which was boldly written on the outside, Our Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama, a ploy to confuse us. And by using this approach, they successfully cowed us into accepting their belief system and shunned ours.

Because of our love for Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama, we never questioned how genuine they were but gladly welcomed and accepted the white devils into our midst. And that was when our troubles really started. It was later that we began to see the manifestations of this “parcel” of deception the British had brought with them, the parcel called “religion.” It was later that we began to see the whole truth as it unfolded before our very eyes, by then they had fully gained entrance and comfortably settled in our land and it was rather too late to flush them out of our system, when they started turning our brothers against us that the whole thing began to dawn on us, the grievous mistake we made to have accepted them into our midst and our land.

We never knew what we were up against until you British white devils started unwrapping this very parcel before us. Many years later after we had accepted you, we then began to see the evil therein. the more you unwrap this parcel, the more we discover so many evil embedded inside. To confuse us more, you had employed the method called “indoctrination” to cage our people from finding out the real truth behind this so-called religion of yours. And you invented and introduced into the system, the word “blasphemy” to stop anybody who tried to make a move to question the rationale behind the stories and images you painted about this parcel of deception you had used to destroy our own belief system.    

How cunning you, the British white devils are? You made us abandon our own way of life and faith in our Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama to follow your own idle worship. You stole the word of God from God’s own people (the Israelites) and alloyed it with your own idle worship. You destroyed the works of the angels of heaven! You highjacked Christianity and made it suit your own way of life, which is idle worshiping. Now, Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama is deeply angry with us and I believe He has abandoned us because we listened to you, Britain and sheepishly followed your own ways without recourse to consider who we are – the children of heaven. You tricked us and made us believe that this parcel you brought was where we could find true salvation. But all was a lie because what we believed in even before you came to our land was where a true salvation lied. We are the children of the true living God because we are the descendants of “Gad,” a man from the tribes of “Israel” who migrated to find a place of settlement in Biafra land.

This Christianity in question was not original to you but to the people of Israel. You highjacked it from the children of God, the Israelites or rather the land of Israel where it originated from and doctored it by mixing it with your own way of life so that it will suit perfectly well into your own system.

But we now know better. Your coming into our land was not to introduce to us the way to heaven but to steal from us the gift of nature Okike (The Creator) blessed our land with. This was your major focus. To take the oil in our land and other resources “chiukwu” (Almighty God) blessed us with was your primary aim of coming into our land and that is why you can never allow us to be in peace. You saw an opportunity to better your own lives and you took it. Now because of this same oil, you have joined hands with the Hausa/Fulani people and the Yorubas to continue to subjugate, marginalize and kill us, the same people you brought your religion to. But our God will visit you all for this evil you have unleashed upon us. Okike will destroy you all for turning His own Children away from Him. Okike will punish you, the white devils of Britain and your generations to come for destroying the works of the angels of heaven. Chiukwu-Abiama is in heaven and He is watching. He will strike when the time is right. Lay off our land now or you will live to regret it. Lay off our land now or face the wrath of our God!

To be continued…

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