■Author : Obinwanne Benjamin 
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■ May 06, 2017 

English dictionary states that Sabotage is to deliberately destroy or damage something in order to prevent it from being successful.Things we say, do, or support might end up being the wrong things that will destroy the Sanctity of our Freedom Fighting image, It's good to continue discussing Biafra not in unnecessary Argument because our quest for Biafra has gone beyond that level.

An argument can bring doubt to you, you can mistakenly say things hooking you to unsubstantial proofs you can't defend, and you see your spirit wallowing in a crazy dumb state of mind. In the Biafraland meaning of Sabo, you are a killer even when it's clearly obvious you never committed physical murder, because it is said "Betrayal is equal to Murder," No right thinking Man with a healthy Brain will be in a high esteem when you are referred to as a Saboteur even the enemy! Where is Clifford Iroanya? He went out of the part of the truth and sees himself washing his stinking dirty mouths in public trying to speak what is unbecoming of His master, He now sees himself stumbling on a rocky road. What of Uwazuruike? The majority sees him as nothing and his words full of Drunk promises.

Ifeajuna instead of a medal got a bullet that sent him to live with the Devil, These people I remind is not what a Reasonable human being sees as a legacy to walk in, Director used to say "Every impediment on our of restoring Biafra shall Chukwuokikeabiama destroy" And where do these saboteurs exist again? They have all being silenced by virtue of our incorruptible focus. No straying true BIAFRAN will ever bow out rather will retrace and redress the errors in which he put a stain on his whiter than white and snow charisma.To avoid inconspicuous sabotage, we switch to ideas more superior and genuine to avoid languish in the parts of just Restoration.

A butterfly-like member of any freedom fighting group is the greatest saboteur, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will not tell us everything in his Memorabilia before we can be steadfast and resilient as him, The truth he revealed to us is enough, How do we know he has not brainwashed us? As Pastors and Priests ask; When you see the light follow it, nobody will have to explain to us that a Hoe is not a Spade!

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