Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a.k.a Ohamadike 1 Of Biafra and Lolo Uchechi Okwu Kanu 

Author:            Ugochinyere Onyechere
Editor:             Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
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It was on a cool evening, dated 14th October 2015, a disturbing news swiped our thoughts. The hero was taken away from his family, friends and more especially Biafrans. Children were crying, fathers and mothers were forced to starve and the youths were all angry. There was pandemonium everywhere. The hero of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was kidnapped, tortured and was held incommunicado for one and half year. 

To be honest sir, your absence at first, was never a good experience to us, the Indigenous People of Biafra. The most affected area of our lives was on the Radio Biafra aspect. It was hard to believe that when you tune your radio, that voice was no longer there. The only voice that troubles the heart of Pharaoh. The only voice that turned the world chief tyrant into an incapacitated man. The only voice that carries the aura of hypnotism and enchantment and capable of sending one into oblivion. The only voice that goes with a magnetic stroke of coma. The only voice that awakens the dead spirit of man. The only voice that infuses fear inside the hearts of the enemies of Biafra. The only voice that pulls out the forces of slavery, injected into our blood cells by the greedy British government, therefore, planting into us the spirit of fearlessness to emancipate ourselves from that chain of slavery. The only voice of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the Ohamadike one of Biafra Land! We can't describe it all because we are solely overwhelmed with hope and laughter for having someone like you in our generation. 

You left your comfort zone, your beloved wife, and children, your family just to face the enemy one on one. In those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, you would always say to yourself, it's Biafra or death! You brought out once more, the pride of Biafrans. As a Biafran, I am proud to have a leader such as you. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, you went in there, and came out with another segment of victory; if no other thing, for the fact that your oppressor is nowhere than in exile. Tyrant Muhammad Buhari on the 3rd day of May 2016 had vowed to die than to let you go. Well, it's obvious that his prayers have worked as prayed.

Your absence left us (the IPOB family) with both good and bad experience. Today, IPOB under your leadership has gained the interest of the world. Your absence also taught Biafrans the possibility to have betrayals among the people. Many were killed and arrested, yet it didn’t deter us from pursuing our goal. Your arrest was like a picture showed to the world. They now understand how fanatical we are to get Biafra. The world is now made to be aware that all we need is “Biafra” and nothing more. 

Your absence also, proved your deputy Mazi Uche Mefor a better man to handle the position of a Deputy when you are not around. Mazi Mefor is the duplicate of you in terms of honesty, humbleness, steadfastness, just name it! In him, we have a person. In your absence, Mefor experienced so many oppositions even from the principle officers of IPOB who clamour for power, yet he remained focused and unshakeable. To be sincere, Mazi Mefor did a great job in handling the task you assigned him.

If we say we had an exciting and wonderful experience (both the good and bad aspect of it) at your absence, it would be an understatement. However, We the Umuchiukwu writers welcome you back with gladness and we hope and pray that you emerge victoriously in the case between us, the Indigenous People of Biafra and the contraption called Nigeria!


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