On this very issue of 30th May, I, Mazi Ikenna ozulmba Mbaegbu shall begin this essay by first defining the concept, JUDGMENT DAY. From my own point of view, it is a time when an important or crucial decision is made that will eventually determine the future of a person or a people. According to Cambridge Advanced Learners’ Dictionary, the word “Judgment” simply means “the ability to form valuable opinions and make good decisions.” The watchwords right there are “OPINIONS” and “MAKING GOOD DECISIONS.” It means that this is a point where every issue is resolved and sealed. 

Come this 30th of May 2017, an important decision which will give another phase to the struggle for the restoration of Biafra, God’s own kingdom on earth will be made. The chicken has finally come home to roost. 30th of May is the day when we, the Indigenous People of Biafra remember our fallen heroes and heroines who died so that we may live. The world must be placed on notice about this evil being committed on our people. 

Good a thing, foreign observers are already here in Biafra land to monitor the event as it unfolds. It will be a sit-at-home affair as directed by our able leader, the Onwa gburu-gburu one of Biafra Land. And they will watch and see how the whole Biafran land will be shut down come this 30th of May. And after that, we will then prepare for our referendum. This is a decision unanimously taken by the Indigenous People of Biafra under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, the Ohamadike himself. 

There you see, Biafran people are a unique set of people and when we make a decision we never back down on it. We always stick to it. And on this quest to restore our dear nation (Biafra), we will never give up! You want to know why it is so because we are a special breed. “We are humans. We live. We fight, fight because the decision to be free is a decision taken freely and collectively because to become involved in the violent struggle for freedom is the only honor left to an oppressed people threatened with genocide because, in the final analysis, the only true bulwark against death is to live.” “We are people who choose to hunger a little to remain alive instead of feeding fat to become respectable corpses” – Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu

Believe you me, this 30th May will mark a new beginning to this struggle for Biafra restoration. It is a judgment day when an important or crucial decision will be made to determine the fate of the zoo country, the abominable contraption called Nigeria. An evil entity created by the British government to mare the progress of the Biafran people. It is a day all the animals in human forms (the Baboons and Monkeys) living in the zoo should worry about because their days in that heart of darkness called Nigeria are numbered.

Still, on this very issue of 30th of May, Nwa Ada Ugochinyere Onyechere wrote:
Right from the very beginning of this evil creation called Nigeria, the Biafran people have been experiencing an untold hardship in the hands of the zoo government, and the entire world seemed to have turned a deaf ear to the plight of Biafrans. 

The only desire of the Biafran people is to be free from their oppressors. This is a people with a unique value system that is incomparable with no other in the world. Their mindset is superb and they are naturally endowed with a great many gifts or rather talents. 

During the Nigeria/Biafra war, many Biafrans were killed and continued to be killed till date by the zoo government whose only interests are to loot and steal the proceeds generated from Biafra land. By so doing, they have refused to grant our humble request - freedom.

In 2015, the former president of the zoo, called Olusegun Obasanjo referred to us, the Indigenous People of Biafra as MISCREANTS that should be avoided only because we were demanding for our freedom. But when it became obvious that we were making progress in the struggle for the restoration of Biafra, the same Chimpanzee of a man called Obasanjo, the father of all Baboons and Monkeys living in the zoo now turned around to beg Biafrans to consider an offer of dialogue the zoo government is presenting. This appeal was made on the 27th day of May 2017 during a conference held by the zoo government in Abuja, which they purposely organized to mark the Biafra genocide at 50, another ploy to deceive Biafrans from pursuing their undying dreams to restore their lovely nation - Biafra. 

According to the Chimp (Obasanjo) in that meeting, and I quote, “the NATIONAL CAKE will be enough for all to share, therefore we are appealing to those fighting to secede from Nigeria to please stay...” Blah…blah…blah…blaaah. Absolute rubbish! Idiots everywhere! This is how they reason, first, they insult you and then they will turn around to beg you when they discover you are determined to achieve your objective in life.  

But the undiluted truth here remains that Biafra independence is not negotiable. Never! What are we to negotiate here anyway? Is it the innocent souls of Biafrans massacred during and after the war by the Nigerian government security agents? Or the continued subjugation, humiliation, deprivation, marginalization and incessant assault on our people? Lunatics everywhere!

Come this 30th of May we are letting the world know about this evil being carried out on our people. We will remember our fallen heroes and heroines who sacrificed their lives for our own existence. This decision has already been made and concluded. Nothing will ever change it. Under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, our able leader, we shall sink the zoo, come this 30th May. The judgment day is here! 

To nail it on the head, Nwaiwu Chukwuebuka wrote:
30th of May, is the day Biafrans have mapped out to remember their fallen heroes and heroines who paid with their lives in other to save us from subjugation, slavery, and bondage, the Biafran people are passing through in the hands of the zoo government, especially in this Muhammadu Buhari’s APC-led administration.

Recall that since 1966 till date, millions of Biafrans have been massacred, maimed, and assaulted at will while others were starved to death; many were forcibly sold into slavery. Most of them are today posing as "Black Americans or Niggas” in faraway lands. Very sad indeed!

Of what crime did Biafran people commit as to deserve all these inhumane treatments being carried out on them by the zoo government? Their only crime was that they had asked and have continued to ask for their self-determination which is the right of every Indigenous people as recognized in the UN Charter. Sometimes, I pause to ponder why the world should keep quiet and watch while these atrocities are being performed on our people. Very sad indeed!

The black race is not helping matters too. Africans and their esoteric and foolish way of thinking. Sometimes, it makes me wonder if they are humans, at all. They massacre one another just to please the British white folks. Why do we black people have to see ourselves as inferior beings before the white people and always serve them as slaves? Does a white skin signify superiority? If so, why then did the Bible say in Philippians 2 vs. 3 and I quote: “don’t do anything from selfish ambition or from a cheap desire to boast, but be humble towards one another, always considering others better than yourselves.” And yet, the same white people who brought this Christianity to our land, despite the fact that they mixed it up with their own culture and tradition to modify it from its original state, don’t obey this particular portion of the good book. It a shame and very sad indeed.

Until the Biafran people are recognized as the real sons of Chiukwu-okike-abiama, the world will never know Peace till the end of time. Biafrans have experienced the worst Holocaust and pogrom since the creation of the damnable contraption called Nigeria, yet the world has turned a blind eye over our predicaments. Very sad indeed!

A sit-at-home protest comes this 30th of May will set the record straight. It will definitely prove to the entire world how determined we, the Indigenous People of Biafra are in this quest to restore our lovely nation – Biafra. Come this 30th May 2017 history will be made again. 

To further expatiate on this, Nnadi Eze Eric wrote: 
You killed over three hundred (300) of their young officers and chased the remaining ones out of the barracks and totally wrote them off from the military and paramilitary. You massacred over 100,000 of them in your land and destroyed their properties worth of millions of naira. As if that was not enough, you declared a genocidal war on them and killed them in their millions. You even went as far as starving and raping their women and children. To cover up for your sins you declared the war "No Victor No Vanquish," yet you stole all their wealth in the bank and only gave them 20 pounds to start up life afresh.

When they thought you had done your worst to them, you introduced another strategy of marginalization. They cried in the face of all these injustices but no one consoled them, and no one cared to apologize to them and bring them closer. Now their God has remembered them and sent them a savior. Now they have decided to take their destiny into their own hands and you started killing them again. When you saw they were all ready to die in defense of the territory, you suddenly woke up to sing a fake song of Biafra in the form of "Biafra @50", and you suddenly started calling for negotiation. When you saw they are winning this final battle, you started telling them about having enough cake to share. How smart you think you are, but then your time is up and we have come to possess our possession. 30th of May is a day of reckoning for the zoo country. It is a judgment day. As our director once said, "our enemies are in trouble, very serious trouble!" Indeed, BIAFRA is here.

To sink the Zoo with facts and figures, Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah wrote: 
You massacred over 2 millions of Biafrans during the military coup and riots of May 1966. Some of the survivors of the 1966 massacre were in pathetic and shocking conditions, most of them had one or the other part of their bodies either broken or completely missing. Thousands of their children arrived, some with severed limbs and many others emasculated. The adults bore the full brunt of the killings and very few arrived from the North unharmed. Many others had their eyes, nose, ear and tongues plucked out. 

The highlight of this horror was the arrival in Enugu of the headless corpse of Biafran men and women. And above the age of ten was raped and many of them came back in stretchers. The remaining eastern Biafra soldiers in Lagos came back by air. They arrived either naked or in underpants and the big gashes on their bodies which showed they had been thoroughly beaten and tortured. There was hardly a single family in Biafra land which did not suffer a loss through these massacres. Pregnant women had their wombs cut open and their unborn babies brought out and publicly executed. All these injustices can never be forgiven or even forgotten. To us, it is a wound that can never heal. To us, it is a HISTORY that can never be erased!

Onwe Ozioma wrote:
One thing those Baboons and Monkeys living in the zoo, in their foolishness have failed to acknowledge is that there is a Judge up there in heaven who adjudicates and rewards everyone according to their deeds, good or evil. Whatever you do on this very earth, there is always a reward for it. If you do good, it awaits you, and if you do bad, the nemesis will still catch up with you as stipulated by Karma. A judgment day is coming when everyone will be rewarded according to their deeds. 

Ever since the white parasites came to Africa, there has been a continued abuse of mankind, much that it surpasses the savagery that was inherent in Africa prior to their coming.  Most, unfortunately, the British people have always been gifted with their kindred spirits who are ever ready to implement their evil plans of inflicting pains on people up to the hilt. 

In Nigeria, the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba coalition excitedly accepted to help the British people take Biafrans to the gibbet for reasons best known to them. They have always seized every opportunity to kill and suppress Biafrans. 

During the war in which Biafrans gallantly fought to liberate themselves from the clutches of the evil alliance, this evil team was totally committed to exterminating the entirety of the Igbo race as a means of perfecting the removal of the Biafran people history from the world map. During this period of carnage, Biafrans were subjected to the highest level of inhumane treatment. Mr. Eric spiff, a German war correspondent who witnessed the pogrom reported in 1967 “Bestialities and indignities of all kinds were visited on the Biafrans in 1966. In Ikeja Barracks (Western Nigeria) Biafrans were forcibly fed on a mixture of human urine and faeces. In Northern Nigeria, numerous housewives and nursing mothers were violated before their husbands and children. Young girls were abducted from their homes, working places and schools and forced into intercourse with sick, demented and leprous men”. After the war, all that Biafrans had across the country were denied of them by the Nigeria government. Until today, our people still suffer all sorts of dehumanization in the hands of this people. 

The current murderous Nigeria government led by Buhari has not relented in suppressing Biafrans with any instrument at its disposal. The holy book has made it clear that no sinner will go unpunished. And the perpetrators of this crime must be paid back in their own coins. Especially as they have remained unrepentant. They recently gathered to mock us in the name of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the war. 

According to Olusegun Obasanjo while delivering a lecture that on that day, he had said that during the war everything that the federal government did was to unite the country. What does that suggest? It means that the unity of the animals in humans who were brought together to live in the British zoo creation is more important than our lives and rights to live as free beings. 

But We Biafrans have come to say no to the unity of Nigeria because we are tired of this forced marriage. Biafra must be restored. No negotiations about that. As they plan to gather to pour scorn on us and our fallen heroes and heroines, whom we shall give the 30th of May to their remembrance, May Chiukwu-Okike-Abiama on his Mighty Throne rise up against them. May He bring judgment on those who are always delighted in denying us the right to enjoy all that “Okike” (our Creator) blessed us with.

Mazi Luck Chibundu also wrote:
30th May is a day of sober reflection for Biafrans all over the world. Every 30th May of every year is a day and month we set aside for our falling heroes and heroines also known as "Biafrans Heroes Day". It marks a day and a month Nigerian government committed the worst and vicious genocide on earth against the indigenous people of Biafra orchestrated by the British government between 1966 till date. It is a day and month when 3.7 millions of Biafrans were killed and slaughtered in cold blood just because they sought for their freedom and self-determination. Our fathers were killed, our mothers were raped , our little brothers and sisters were starved to death through sea and air blockage. 

Nowadays, all around the world, people remember those who lost their lives in the war by holding a two-minute silence and by wearing a poppy outfit.  But for us in Biafran land, it's a day we totally disengage ourselves from every activity. Come this 30th of May 2017 we will all sit at home to honour our fallen heroes and heroines. It is pivotal and a very Paramount day for every Biafran all around the world. It’s a time for everyone (Biafrans) to pause to remember the millions of people who have been murdered or whose lives have been changed beyond recognition during the Holocaust, of Biafra Persecution by the Nigerian and British government.

To finally drive the points home, Chukwu Iheke Okoronkwo wrote:
May 30th can never be a day of a joke for any human being who has a brain in his head because it is going to be a very powerful day of sobbing for Biafrans and equally a day of judgment for Nigerians. The evil done against the Biafrans cannot be forgiven nor forgotten, especially the killing of Biafrans by Nigerians. 

The conference (Biafra @50) which they organized in order to mock and poke fun at us is simply meaningless without the presence of the IPOB leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, who is the only living human being that has the guts to face Nigerians and tell them the truth. The Acting President of Nigerian, Yemi Osinbajo has spat on the faces of those seeking for peaceful separation, and it has brought back the haunting memories of the past. Nigeria is simply long due for separation, the earlier it is dissolved, the better. 

Are the Acting President of Nigerian, Yemi Osinbajo and his cohorts trying to tell us that the southeast roads or even the 2nd Niger Bridge will be in their current state if we had achieved Biafra 50 years ago? Are they telling us that we will not have harnessed out coal and gas and even water resources for a stable power supply? That Biafra wouldn't have emulated Singapore or even Malaysia in terms of development and human advancement? That our spiritual capital Enugu wouldn't have been very beautiful and attractive? That our youths won't have been engaged in the Biafra police, Navy, Army, Immigration, Air Force, and they will attain any post, unlike the way we are been treated in the present Nigerian? Are they trying to tell me that Biafra wouldn't be exporting goods to Nigeria and even other countries? We are clearly not better off in Nigeria where no federal investment can be seen in the old Eastern Region (Biafraland) for a whole 50 years. 

The Acting President of Nigerian, Yemi Osinbajo is simply telling the world that Biafrans have remained resolute for 50 hard years, therefore we have endured enough of the injustice against us. I will end this article by quoting Femi Fani Kayode's reaction to the Biafra @50 conference. "They talk about peace and reconciliation but can there really be peace and reconciliation without restitution and justice?" 

All Hail Biafra.

Jointly written by Umuchiukwu Writers
Edited by Prince Richmond C. Amadi


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