Author:               Onwe Ozioma
Editor:                 Ugochinyere Onyechere

30th May of every year is a special day to all true and concerned Biafrans. It is a day for the remembrance of Biafrans and none Biafrans who had paid the highest price possible in the quest to get Biafra. A day of sober reflection. A day of heightened supplication to the most high for His deliverance from slavery. A day the living make and renew a solemn vow to the dead never to jettison that right thing which they died for. A day that is set aside to silently tell the world;  especially the British government that they may have succeeded in removing Biafra from the world map by their actions and inactions, but they have not been able and still, will never be able to wipe it off our hearts. And as a result, Biafra must be returned to the world map. 

Every year as divinity plans it, 30th May (Biafran fallen heroes and heroines day) always has its own significance. For this year, it is an election day. The recent surge to the favor of Biafra restoration has got many who are indifferent about the Biafra project wondering if it is going to be completed. It has even got the enemies and arc enemies of the project panicking to the extent that stopping it is now top on their agenda. 

The weak Biafrans, still have some doubt in them as to whether Biafra will ever be restored. The enemies still nurse some glimmer of hope that somehow, they will succeed in suppressing us forever. But 30th of May 2017, is a day we shall clear the former's doubts and kill the later's hopes. On the day of sit at home declared by IPOB sometime, last year Biafrans showed support for Biafra in a very encouraging manner. And using election register, I say that Biafra was nominated on that day.

She has since been campaigning for support and we are going to give her all the supports she needs to win come 30th May. On that day, we shall unanimously vote for her as she is the only credible candidate. Nigeria her rival has foolishly miss used the opportunity we gave her for over fifty years now. And consequently can never get a second Chance. In this election, your polling unit is your closet. 

You are to stay indoors that day and pray to Chukwu Okike Abiama the God of justice to judge between us and Britain and their company Nigeria. All Biafrans home and abroad must ensure that all activities are entirely shut down for Biafra. This is almost an effortless way to work for work for Biafra's restoration. VOTE FOR BIAFRA.

Publisher:  Prince Richmond C. Amadi 

              Umuchiukwu Writers.
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