■ Author: Ekuma Obinna 
■ Twitter: @Umuchiukwu_writ
■ May 02, 2017
The meeting, within record time, of the seemingly impossible bail condition for Nnamdi Kanu, once again demonstrates what Biafrans can achieve when we are United and determined. It is another example of the spirit of Biafra, the efficiency and ability to get things done, which marveled the world. The world wondered how Biafra, survived for 30 months, during which she introduced a currency within 3 weeks, established refineries, produced aviation fuel and operated a functioning state with its bureaucracies. We are people who get things done. 

 I feel very proud to be a Biafran. It is obvious that the reason for our problem in Nigeria is because we have allowed our opponents to divide and corrupt us. When we are united, there is indeed, nothing we cannot achieve in Nigeria and beyond. The people who stood up for Nnamdi Kanu did not all come from Biafran land. They did it because what he is doing is right and acceptable by all standards looking at the social, political and economic structure of Nigeria. We must make our Biafran identity an all-encompassing identity, infuse its value and stop overvaluing and over-identifying with our states. This achievement demonstrates the reason why we must now think and act Biafra. While I say a huge congratulation to all those who have played a part in this struggle so far, we must not forget that it is not yet over. 

 We must know that the Buhari Sunni Islamic government of Nigeria, is not pleased that the bail conditions were met. The Judge and government wanted to create the impression that Nnamdi remains in detention because he could not meet bail conditions. They have miscalculated and will be back again. Therefore, it is. Therefore, it is very very important that we do not forget that we are in the middle of an existential crisis and there is still significant chance that Islamic judge, can still convict Nnamdi and others of treason and sentence them to death. The fight must start now. The struggle has just begun. All hands must be on deck.
We must be very prepared to protect and support all those who raise their head above the parapet in this struggle. I would therefore suggest 1. That we as people take the setting up of a legal fund and team very seriously. 2. The war would be fought in courts, legislative chambers and executive cabinets. The work should not be left for IPOB alone, but to all Biafrans. 3. The legal team should quickly saturate Nigerian courts with suits challenging every act of discrimination, injustice, and nepotism by the government against BIAFRANS, whether Ijaw, Isoko, Urhobo, Igbo, Igala, Igede, Ogoni, Itshekiri, Idoma, Ananag, etc. 4. The team should contest or seek a judicial review into the circumstances leading to the discharge of over 200 military officers mainly of southern origin, the massacre of Biafran protesters at Nation High school Aba, Nkpor/ Onitsha, the Ezu river bodies, Agatu, Nimbo, etc. 5. The strategy should not be to allow the government to get away with any illegality, by taking the struggle to the legal arena. 6. We have to also embark on legal 6. We have to also embark on the legal avenue to give us a sense of thinking of those who insist on using governmental apparatus and institutions to sustaining a system that is unfair to us and stop us from asserting for our legitimate rights to self-determination. 8. Our Peaceful protests/ civil disobedience both locally and internationally have its place and must continue. It's a universally acceptable mode of expressing one's feelings. However, protest, from now henceforth must be strategically planned in order to minimize the rate of casualties, bearing in mind the Islamic hegemonic government in place. Hence, the sit at home of 30th May 2017 is commendable. Biafra forever! God bless Biafra and those fighting for her freedom!!
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