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One powerful adage goes thus: the dynamic strength for progress in life is togetherness. 

Therefore, from the adage, it simply means unity is strength in the other way round by our late excellency Odimegwu Ojukwu. Meaning the power of any entity, group, Nation is fundamental. And this has been one of IPOB's secrets in this struggle. 

However,  apart from sober reflection exercise, a historical day is equally a time to strengthen our bonds or unifications as one people,  as one family and as a Nation in spirit and in physical. 

 Such historical day upholds the cultural heritage of a particular people. The norms, values, morals and beliefs are held in high esteem even their flags as a Nation like Biafra, are showcased once more to the whole world,  placing their recognition once more locally and globally. 

Remembrance day of any Nation like BIAFRA 30TH May is a period of great hidden secrets reviews especially to the young ones or youth. It is a time of educating people about such events and mysteries behind it to the unknown.  Thereby making the youths fully aware of who they are,  their roots and origins. 

It is equally a time or period of proper historical documentations for reference purposes to the unborn. To avoid wrong interpretation of histories or wrong historical documentations. For no one tells another man's history more than those people,  for he who wears the shoe knows where it is itching him. 

Besides, it equally a period to determine how progressive such state,  family or Nation has gone in her objectives. And strengthened areas that they have not done well. 

It is equally a time of collective ideas by elders or leaders to aid fast growth or development in all sectors. 

Most importantly it is the time of strengthening our relationship with our God. As we remember our heroes & heroines committing their souls once more into God's hand, asking God to forgive their sins while they were alive. We equally commit ourselves to God for His mercy,  protections, provision & long life. And relying on His great wisdom to forge ahead. 

In addition,  it is a period of meeting your brothers and sisters from another mothers and fathers, like 2015 30th May at Aba. It is equally the time you can meet your destiny helpers among this your brothers and sisters, therefore divine connections and opportunities are equally activated within this period. 

Therefore,  we have hundreds or thousands of beautiful benefits that go with 30TH May 2017 BIAFRA historical day.  In view of these few benefits aforementioned, I entreat all Biafrans home and in the diaspora to key in with this sit-at-home order.  For it has immense benefits and power in the restoration of United States of Biafra. God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and God bless Biafra. 

By Onyekachi M Ogbonnia.
Edited by Ogu Edozie Williams
published by IPOB writers
Twitter - @ipob_writers

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