Just yesterday, a disturbing news detailing the illegal abduction of the Indigenous People Of Biafra's African continental representative, Mazi Gorge Onyibe virally circulated in all media platforms struck my view. I couldn't believe the news because it was really unbelievable. Just a few days ago, Mazi Gorge was assigned as the African continental representative of the Indigenous People Of Biafra; to behold such controversial news. The Nigerian Department for State Security DSS have yet again declined and proved that laws that govern the contraption called Nigeria are of no effect. It's deteriorating on hearing that an IPOB official not minding the fact that a supposed Federal Judge have declared all activities of the group legal.

According to the news source, Mazi Gorge was arrested on the 22nd day of April 2017; the arrest was mounted at his house early hours of that very day, after confirmed report that his house was ransacked, his wife molested alongside his children before he was whisked away. These evil security operatives have been manipulating the Biafran struggle with the sole aim of destabilizing our efforts; this time around, they have connived with the suspended IPOB officers to carry out their evil deeds. It's obvious that these evil minded fellows who have been on the pretense to be fighting with the leader of the global family, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. 

It's synonymous to the fact that the former Biafra land coordinator currently in the prison with the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu have played a major role in the arrest of Mazi Gorge. Not forgetting that the Iroanya crew has in collaboration with the DSS, have been submissively working to make sure that the sanity of Biafra is sustained. Therefore, all the principle officers should be careful, because arrest goes with the immediate location of the principal officer's phone number and house location. Without this information, there would be no traceable tracks. 

To be skeptical, the Nigerian government have continually embarked on the illegal arrest of Biafrans. The world should be on notice, that IPOB was declared legal by federal judge Binta Nyako on the 1st day of March 2017. With this unjustifiable arrest of Mazi George, there is no doubt that the Nigerian government is unscrupulously devilish. A freedom fighter arrested in this 21st century; this is indeed prevarication. The world should be on notice, for the Nigerian government has once again arrested a principle officer.


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