Author: Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu
■ April 14, 2017
Forcing yourself on me? No, never could that be. The friendship they say is n'ver by force. Please let me be, And disturb me not! Bone on your neck, yes I could see; Spears on my chest, none could you see. Mortal worries n'ver will end- Unity of the zoo n'ver one of them,
I give no damn to any rubbish they do. I trouble over nothing Besides Biafra restoration. Solidarity will restore our beautiful nation. No doubt, no doubt This evil concoction is going! Equivalent to hell, rights trampled. The home of thieves, humans rumple. People are massacred, corpse everywhere. Nigeria, zoo, country of rogues! Laws stagnant, rules violated. The falcon hears not the falconer, Unrealistic, the voice of the Shepherd; For they care not for the sheep. Roads are no safe; they walk on parts, Thoroughfare with the cart. On this 30th May again Umuchineke will match and pray. Together as we gather, despite the weather Okike must hear our prayer. Biafrexit we pray for, our true identity. On that day truly into be hot! As we gather to remember our falling Heroes murdered in the past; Whole who were shot and killed Come to our soldiers who died in the battlefield. This very issue here we're to confront. The zoo on the day 'ill come to a halt, Uniformed men and useless khaki zoos This time around you must prepare Not to oppress but to shoot yourselves. Tears in my eyes, respect I their courage (Those falling Biafran heroes) In our hearts are always evergreen. Truly you're no more, spirit lives. The battle isn't over until its over. More light, more light oh nature! On me oh! Nature throw more the light. Mortal wisdom is null besides thee. Down shall I continue to pen On paper these whole sacrileges. For thy sake oh dear nation(Biafra) My heart aches and falls apart, This pogrom upon my people; Our future being trampled upon 'AND our hopes shattered all along. This very truth must come to the open. Relentless in the quest for freedom Even as we stumble and fall, Never shall we give up the fight, Because Biafra is our only right. I scramble to pen down the whole truth, The zoo must tumble! Oh dear Okike come to our aid; And make our lives stable and great. In you dear nature, our victory is assured. We, Biafrans enough we 've suffered In the evil hands of the British; Whose desire is to kill our wishes. Tears drench the paper on which I write, My hand shakes my pen cracks. For this evil being done upon us, Our future being buried in the dust, My fragile heart about to burst! Hear our cries Oh mother nature, Come fulfill your spiritual task. Oh mother Biafra, The land of the rising sun, Greatly your children have suffered In the hands of the foreigners born. Enough of the flame, deliver us unburnt. See your sons and daughters, All prostratin under thy sacred feet, Seeking for your aid. Our freedom so near Our voice must be heard. The kingdom of heaven must be restored This hope of an ordinary man; Under his leadership, Nnamdi Kanu, Ohamadike himself, his side we stand. Through him we match into the promise land. 30th May on my mind. The game is already in play. Oh! Abiama come fulfill our dreams; Make the day new, And make it worth our while. Okike hear my pleas! No more blood shed; Instead your protection we plead. In Biafra, I will always stand- My true base and fatherland. Long live mazi Nnamdi Kanu! Long live Mazi Uche Mefor! And long live The Indigenous People of Biafra! For Umuchiukwu Writers
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