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Ojukwu's Experience about 30th May and why he always observes it
General Chukwu-Emeka Odimegwu  Ojukwu
Biafra Reporters in a quest to finding more about Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu’s observation of 30th May have finally uncovered what Ojukwu does and what happens to him every 30th of May. In a record obtained by Biafra Reporters, Ojukwu was seen saying that every 30th May is a horror day for him; according to him while addressing Biafra agitators that paid him a solidarity visit in 2006 “I don’t stay or sleep in my house every 30th May. I leave to a place nobody knows because the spirit of the dead children in their millions come crying in my compound” going further; he noted that he runs away because he cannot stand the experience.

Ojukwu noted that the reason he leaves his home is not because he was being chased but due to the state of the children who only cry for justice and help. “I cannot stand them; little children crying for help, they come into my compound and demand peace, they come begging and then I shed tears but once I leave, they don’t follow me, the place I go is where I stay safe" he said that the emotional trauma he experiences every 30th May is unbearable and extreme and he is hopeful that only Biafra restoration would give the children peace.

It is not news that Ojukwu led the people of Biafra to the 1967 defensive civil war to defend the lives of the people of Biafra. The Nigerian military and citizens had started killing Easterners; pogroms were prevalent in North and West and there was no other option but to recall the people of Biafra home and raise an army with a flag that would defend the lives and pride. The war recorded high rate of crimes against humanity that was left unchecked due to British cover-up. The blockade of sea, land and air ensured that millions of children were starved to death; a crime that touched the heart of Creation himself.

Ojukwu persevered in the war when it was clear there are no other means to saving his people; he had gone to Ghana and secured a treaty that would have given his people a future but when he came back; the devil was poised to use Nigeria and punish humanity. He tried his possible best to bring a civil resolution to the instability in Nigeria but the Hausa-Fulani with their counterpart - West were poised to end the existence of the Biafra race. Standing with the British Government; Nigeria had everything it needed to carry out ethnic cleansing and they tried to the best of their strength.

One man stood them; Ojukwu never gave up, he was determined to protect the people of Biafra and give them a better future. He occupied a top military position in the army and would hopefully take over power someday, there was no basis to assume he was ambitious, but he was only driven by the passion he had for his people. He would not stand and watch the people of Biafra continued to be butchered in the North and West. He could not watch ‘domineering tag’ that caused great hatred consumes his people and so he stood firm for his people.

The spirit of the people that lost their lives in 1967 is awakened every 30th May and next month is not an exception. It is very clear that not abiding by the sit-at-home order is a total dishonour to the millions of Biafrans that died and raising a standard against the wandering spirits of the dead. Ojukwu died with the regret of not restoring Biafra and may have joined the wandering children but Nnamdi Kanu and every single one of you Biafrans that would sit-at-home on 30th May have come to reassure the victims of 1967 that there is hope.

First published by Chinwe Korie
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