GOING down Memory Lane, one would wonder what was in the minds of British leaders and their stooge, (Lord) Fredrick Lugard, whom they used to establish this wicked enclave called Nigeria at the wake of January 1st, 1914 ,while committing fornication with his adulterous woman friend, Flora Shaw. It remains a bugging question each time that amalgamation enterprise flashes through the minds of well-meaning people. Worst still that even after a hundred (100)years, which was the period stipulated to determine if the experiment could maintain stability or not, yet even in the face of an expired and decayed expected values that make a country, many people still turn a blind eye to the killings, human degradations, rapt injustices, calculated and determined maltreatment of Biafrans by post-Lugardian evil instruments, the hausa/fulanis.

Nigeria as a package formulated because of hate for Biafrans' progress and level of civilization sensed by the British people when they first came into Biafra land, will remain the nemesis that will forever continue to stare in the face of Nigeria. Hence a maxim has it that, what goes around comes around. As the earth, air and sea were then, so they are till now, nothing has changed. And by so saying, even though the bodies of ancestors of Biafrans, whom the British men forced into this ungodly union had laid to the earth, their decayed bodies have co-mingled with the earth of Biafra land while their spirits still hover in the air within not at rest. More so, uncountable Biafrans have been killed yet because of the hatred harboured for Biafra. Their innocent bloods spilled on the same earth before their bodies were buried therein. All these men, women and children have their spirits shouting for vengeance to God, who didn't make a mistake in creating and planting them in the land he desired for them just as he did to other nations in their own lands. The sands, waters and air all are questioning man about all these atrocities committed against fellow man, and they are not given up until answers are provided.

The world at present houses many nations; some having few millions citizens, and some having as small as hundreds of thousands, such as Solomon Islands. Many of these nations fought their way to self-determination through war with their colonial masters, while others came to being through referendum as governed or controlled by the United Nations Security Council. Some also are on the process of becoming one, still monitored by the UN. But when it comes to Biafra, it becomes a tough issue. The leaders and the people of this wicked world have continued to force the people of Biafra to accept what is not theirs, in fact, what is against their destiny. Biafra has fought with their neo-colonial masters, and instead of being allowed to go, their colonialists joins hands with other nations to force them to stay down. And now again that a hundred years have gone past, the quest for self-determination for Biafrans has heated up the entire world, yet the self-determination referendum, which is enshrined in virtually all the constitutions of the world nations beginning from United Nations, has become a non-discuss because Biafrans are putting out their own request. What a heartless world! In the face of all the hues and cries of Biafrans, as they are being massacred in their numbers while on street protests coupled with the killings recorded during the civil war, the leaders and the people of the world are helping Nigeria and Britain to cover these inhuman activities.

Well, nature has put all things in place and that is what it will continue to assume no matter how the people of the world intend to thwart it. Patience has been a beautiful virtue that Biafrans were endowed with, and they have been living it out. But all the leaders of nations from the time Biafra fought her first civil war to date must one way or the other answer for the travails of Biafra and Biafrans. And coming to Biafrans themselves, any one that has in any way contributed in the suffering of this quest for self-determination or have betrayed or partaken in any discussion to foil the course and have helped others in doing the same from the time of the civil war to date shall have the earth sands, waters and air to contend with. Biafra shall be and when that happens, those nations that have practically fought against her shall have the nature to contend with. 
Long Live Biafra!!!

- Vals Chuks

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