As 30th May 2017 draws nearer, we would like to use this medium to enlighten our people on why we must stay at home that very day.

We would like to start this with a quote from John F. Kennedy that says "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” our Heroes and heroines who died between 1967-70 and from 2015 till date in a quest for what to do for their country paid the ultimate price, they died while fighting for our freedom so we owe them the responsibility to honor them, staying at home don't even worth the kind of respect they deserve, the due respect/honor will be given to them when Biafra is finally restored but we have to stay at home that day to show them, we are eager to honor them.

In 1967-1970 they fought for us, they chose to starve to death than to he compromised,  because they saw the nigeria of today, truely they saw our misery. Even while under the subjection of our enemies, they never gave up on us. They are the great Biafra heros and heroines who fought at the frontline with bare hands, to ensure the safety of our land. While in prisons and detention camps, they prayed for us. Under sun and in the rain, they sang songs of victory. In the midst of darkness, their hope is towards the rising of the sun. So therefore we Biafrans who are alive today must honour our fallen heros and heroines for bringing light to our world by making sure we adapt to the sit at home protest as ordered by IPOB.

Memorial Days is a time marked for remembrance of our fallen heroes and heroines who made great sacrifices to defend our nation Biafra. Additionally, Memorial Day is also a celebration of the pinnacle of patriotism for our nation.
We must pay tribute to those who died in the genocidal war from 67-70, Biafra Men, Women and Children some of who died of starvation due to the air land and sea blockade orchestrated by th British government headed by Herold Wilson, we must remember them including innocent IPOB members killed by nigeria government from 2015 upto date. Additionally, we must honor all the Biafra freedom fighters, Men and women, who everyday are prepared to put it all on the line to restore our great country.

Unfortunately, the scars of the genocidal war remains with us today, and will linger for many years to come.

30th May every years have been set aside by IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu after it was initiated by Nnamdi Kanu, Our director NNAMDI KANU..which first took place at Enugu on 30th May 2014, the second year 2015 was in Aba and the last one 2016 was at Nkpor where our people were massacred in a gruesome manner by the trigger happy nigeria combined forces. In a wake of this, IPOB have decided this year to stay at home and honor our fallen heroes and heroines which we must do, because our heroes and heroines deserves the best from us, we have no doubt that Remembrance Day will be sacrosanct in the eyes of Biafrans for many decades to come.

This upcoming Memorial Day we should reflect, remember, and spend the day acknowledging sacrifices our fallen heroes and heroines paid for us. We must take our Memorial Days very serious, because it is important as we are reminded almost daily of the great sacrifices that our brothers and sisters have make to defend our land.

We must all set aside everything that day in order to pay tribute to the likes Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Gen Philip Effiong, Major Ananaba, Major Ifenso, Major Ochudo, Captain Timothy Akaya, Lieutenant Colonel Onwuatuegwu and the rest of them who are too many to be mentioned, we must also pay tribute to those who died from 2015 till date.

The likes of Awala jnr, Jamaica, Ichoku Ndu,
Ebere Obidike, Nwabueze Uzonna, Okey Roland, Chukwudi Ifenna, Isaac Uzochukwu, Eberima Aguh, Henry Gideon, Efion Apani, Abuchi Obi, Ozoemena Chukwuma, Lotenna Ifeajuna, Ifebuchi Okenwa, Wisdom Omota, Ejike Abunchukwu, Ozobu Ogbonna, Emeka Madueke, Paschal Gideon, Afam Onyeburu, Izu Onwubiewe, Okey Agubata, Celestine Nnamdi, Obieke Lotenna, Nwabueze Oti,
Chijioke Ozoro, Nwadike Chibuzo, Azuka Ifeake, Chioma Nkemjika Obiora Okonkwo. Obi Nkemakonam, Ubani Nwenneakonam, Nwuzo Friday, Ilo Friday, Olisama Chukwuemeka, Awah Sopuruchi, Okoye Chinedu, Ezeilo Chuka, Onyeduna Ifesinachi, Nnamani Sunday, Chinonso Amadi, Tagbo Chibuzo, Anyanwu Chika, Egbe Johnson, Osukwe Ijeoma, Nkechukwu Ikechukwu, Kenneth Eni, Orjichukwu Chigozie, Solomon Izundu, Ebili Edward, Gabriel Onyedikachi, Ilo Ozoemena,Nwauju Charles, Onyemaechi Nwaezeoma and hundreds of others, this are true heroes whose memory we all have a duty to keep alive.

As we honour them with a sit at home protest, so shall we be honoured.

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