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■ April 21, 2017 

Some people actually believe that the hands of the institutions we call churches are on deck in the fight against corruption. This category of people are the extremely naive ones.
Well, Biafra Restoration struggle knows that the churches, especially in Nigeria, have failed woefully in checking corruption. But what most Nigerians have been unable to realize is the fact that these churches actually aid and encourage corruption. Some time ago, Radio Biafra condemned the attitudes on how the churches in Nigeria encourage corruption. That was when Thief James Ibori came back to Nigeria after serving a jail term in the UK over charges of corruption, and Nigerians celebrated his arrival by welcoming him as a hero. And then he had a Thanksgiving service in a church where he was lionized. Ironically that was at the time when Nigerians were warming up to march against corruption, disobedience of court orders, unlawful detention of persons after been granted bail by courts of competent jurisdiction of which an alarming instance of it is the continued unlawful detention and incarceration of the Supreme Commander of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra and other Biafrans locked up in prisons all over the contraption called Nigeria by Buhari's led Islamic government as proposed by Tuface Idibia. Imagine the irony: People who were about to engage in a nationwide protest against corruption were busy applauding the same corruption by hero-worshipping a man who embezzled public funds (over $250 million belonging to Delta State). Nigerians are the funniest set of people on earth. In a photo, a certain time is former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, carrying a cross at a church service during the commemorations of the Passions of Jesus. It is of course obvious that Rotimi Amaechi the Hausa slave is corrupt, there are other persons who have equally mismanaged public funds, persons like, the chief campaigner of anti-corruption by name General Buhari, the mass murderer who doubles as the president of the zoo called Nigeria, he has been seen several times been congratulated by various Christian bodies because of the paltry sum they will be given, this Buhari had refused to answer cases bothering on Halliburton scandal and loss of money under his watch when he was petroleum trust fund ( PTF), chairman . The churches in Nigeria usually lionize politicians who are apparently corrupt. In fact, it is considered a privilege in the Nigerian church circles to have a corrupt politician attend your church service. Hence corrupt politicians are given the front seats in churches. They are delivered homilies to read...a devil reading homily in the church of God! And usually, the church will televise the service on national TV to show off that a corrupt politician attended their church service. Churches are becoming havens where corrupt leaders are now vindicated. The fact that churches lionize members of the society who became prominent or enriched themselves through corruption is one of the major reasons why corruption is very pervasive, and that is why Biafra as a religion is making waves in its evangelistic advances because it is known to say the truth no matter who is involved, there is no sacred cow, the question is will the Christian institutions emulate Biafra-style of evangelism which purges rogues of their sinful nature? The answer is undoubtedly no, and this is because this institution that claims to uphold the Christian sanity of exposing evil have been grossly influenced by Hausa/Fulani corrupt nature. It is ridiculous how people leave the object and pursue shadows. This is how the Jews were wallowing in vainglory that they are God's chosen people, that theirs are the patriarchs, that they have the law, the covenants, the temple worship and the promises. And they missed their time of visitation without knowing it.I mean, this is no different from the fact that when prominent politicians attend church services, they are given a homily to read. The truth is that his being a prominent politician cannot be separated from his extremely corrupt practices, which to a great extent are detrimental to the masses. So honoring him for being a prominent politician translates to encouraging corruption, to be honest, am one of the least people that think that the Church you attend would take you to heaven; cos I believe our eternity is determined by our words, actions and thoughts on earth...and our love/faith in God.
<!-- adsense —> But once in a blue moon, I put up such pictures to rattle the temperament of Idiots that believe that they'll make Heaven cos of the Church they attend. The truth is that Biafra is the only hope of Christendom and until Biafra is restored Christianity will continue to wallow in corruption because the Hausa slaves have influenced it to the core. And until you all stand-up and harken to the voice of reasoning you will never be relevant again, This was the only war that saw the involvement and participation of strange and incompatible bedfellows on one divide - all supporting Nigerians against the militarily ill-equipped Biafrans for economic interest gotten from Biafra land (Oil)
Yes, that war was the only war where the Western capitalist Powers - Christians and the then Socialist Powers - USSR joined forces with the Islamic Extremists to fight against a small, primitive and the only African nation that was entirely Christians - the Biafrans and their Christian brothers. I have always said that the Biafran war clearly defined the true nature and disposition of the British and questions deeply the unity, oneness, and purity of the global Christian faith, this will give you an insight of how the Islam have made Christians an enemy of their own through their powerhouse Britain.
The cardinal cause of that war was the unwarranted killing of the Biafrans in their thousands by the Hausa/Fulani combined forces with their masters (Britain) in their bid to take control of the resources in Biafra land the same people that gave you Bible.
At the end of the war, an agreement was reached to ensure nothing that brought about the war would be allowed to happen again.
Alas, forty years after the war, the original causes of the war were made even more manifest in the political affairs of the Nigerian federation. Marginalization and killing of the Biafrans and Christians by Hausa-Fulani with the aid of Britain became a pride of any government in power. Biafra is the stronghold that all must follow if the Christian life must be saved from the impending clutches of Islamic bondage and whether you like it or not it has begun just like Mazi Nnamdi Kanu rightfully said. It is Biafra or death. All hail Biafra.

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