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OWENKERI: yesterday 18th April 2017, A chieftain of Ijaw people's Assembly and a human right activist Mrs. Annkio Briggs, in Owenkeri (Owerri) Biafra land, who was present in the 1st Southeast and South-South international conference.

During her speech, she said that northern Nigeria contributes zero percent to Nigerians economy; in her words she said' '' we should stop finding solution for holistic problem that is in Nigeria, we should start finding solution for the strong government that is for South-South and South East, we should stop finding solution for twenty-something states", " we should find solution only for eleven states, right now we have nine oil producing states and we have twenty-six state lazy they are doing nothing,they only sit down and collect oil money from our land and share it",

" the North East, Northwest and North Central is producing 0.00% for oil and gas, am not talking about their yam, because their yam we are buying it not free, their cow we buying it, their goal we buying it from them, now come to talk about our oil they take it for free, the North are producing noting nothing but they have 419 local government in nineteen Northern States, we that are oil producing state has only 355 local government, but they (north) are getting about 58% of oil they are not producing, when they talking about NDDC, ministry of Niger Delta, Amnesty I told my people to tell them that we don't want them anymore, all we want is hundred percent of our resources control", furthermore she said,

 " Anybody who allow grazing reserve in their states simply want to destroy their people, Our traducers not only balkanized the former Eastern Region but also injected false and jaundiced propaganda that has effectively left us where are today,  There is a lot of misinformation in the land.We must be determined to save ourselves from the grip of those who hate us, There must be a time we must sit down and work out a way to drive this unification project" she pointed out how she was attacked by thugs for leading protest in Bayelsa state when state government allocates lands for murderous Fulani Herdsman in the state.

an elder statesman, Dr. Uma Eleazu, reasoned that “we have several groups pulling us in different directions, adding that “what we need is a self-determination as distinct from sovereignty”. In his own presentation, one of the conveners of the conference, Chief Aloysius Osuji, lamented that the South East/South South zones are the worst hit in the present federal system. “Why are the Port Harcourt, Warri and Calabar ports not functioning? Why should our traders be forced to use only the Lagos ports? The Federal Government should please give us the answer”, Osuji said.

Other prominent Biafrans Elites who came voices out their minds over the incessant killing of Biafrans by Nigeria security agency on 30th may in Nkpor and National high school Aba and other places, they asserted that only way out of this British created country is what they termed " self-determination ", also they urged everybody from Eastern region to observe Sit-at-home protest on 30th may, set by IPOB in respect of dead hero and heroines who paid the ultimate price for us to live.

Meanwhile, South East and South South governors never showed up, as many Biafrans from Eastern region were ready to confront them with series of questions and also confront them with fact and figure on how they have failed their people completely. 

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