Author:         Benjamin Kish
Editor:           Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
Re-tweet:     @umuchiukwu_writ 
Date:              2nd April 2017

And they stand still at the prison gate, where those who torments and terrorise the society are being kept. It is Also a place of confinements, were evil men and women are forcibly restrained.

The united nations, European union, U.S A and other meaningful just hearted individuals, professionals and legal luminaries should answer the following questions? Between the British prime minister Theresa May, the Islamic terrorist Nigerian ruler Mohamadu Buhari and Dr. Nnamdi Kanu leader of the indigenous people of Biafra worldwide, who amongst them should be in prison based on the definition of the prison gate above?
This question needs an urgent and immediate answer, the reason being that an innocent man has been rubbed off his freedom and liberty close to two years now.

He has judged according to the law of the contraption called Nigeria, twice discharged and granted unconditional release by two deferent judges in two separate judgments in the court of competent jurisdiction in Abuja capital city of Nigeria.

If the law upon which the whole nation no matter how highly or lowly  placed is governed or ruled as in the case of Nigeria, and he that the same law sets free remains free indeed why then is Dr. Nnamdi Kanu still being held in prison  against the law that has set him free
Kanu’s continue detention have shown clearly who is committing crimes against humanity and who should be in prison perpetually.

The British prime minister and the Nigerian ruler Mohamadu Buhari who has committed heinous crimes against innocent Biafrans for the past 100 years should be the ones in prison.

Biblically, twelve gates were built in Jerusalem by the returned exile Jews, the king of Medo and Pasia  Ahazarus has ordered that the temple and the walls of Jerusalem be rebuilt unhindered by Nehemiah.

 The twelve gates have names attached to it, the fish gate, the horse gate, the water gate, the registration gate otherwise known as Miphkard gate and the prison gate etc, none of the gates is without significants.

Building the walls and the gates was successful but when it comes to the prison gate, the Israeli structural engineers stood still, down tools and stopped working why? Israel always has experience of illegal detention and imprisonments, examples Jeremiah was thrown into prison for warning  Zedekiah king of Judah that the heathen armies of Nebuchadnezzar will invade Jerusalem and destroy it. Zedekiah tagged him a false prophet. Jeremiah 32:1-5.

Prophet Micah was imprisoned for denouncing Israel for their corruption, greed, sexual immorality, and idolatry 2kings 22:20-28.
The building engineers new that Israel as a tribe does does not break the law of any nation they sojourn that warrant them being put into prison, they also know that any one of them you see in detention is unjustly detained hence their reluctant to continue building the prison gate.

That Dr. Nnamdi Kanu is in detention and longer than necessary is because of household enemies in Biafraland just like the Hebrews mentioned above.

I'll use this opportunity to alert the world about the reason Dr. Nnamdi Kanu is still being held in prison is 
(1) The British government and the Islamic terrorist government in Nigeria did not like him and what he stands for, which is the restoration of independent of Biafra.

(2) Dr. Kanu is whiter than snow, clean without spot or blemish, too intelligent and too clever to the extent that each judge produced by the zoo Abuja government to handle his phantom, concocted case ends up in disgrace for lack of undisputable evidence against him.

(3) His popularity has risen in the world leaders rating index beside Donald J. Trump president of united States, Vladimir Putin president of Russia, Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu prime minister of Israel and Norandra Mordi prime minister of India etc.

The British and Nigerian government have nothing to fear about his release because Dr. Kanu will remain whom he is,  none violence citizens of Britain and Biafra.

The leaders of Hausa/Fulani who is scared to their bones about him has a lot more to gain, example is I have never seen anyone in prison advocating for the freedom of fellow inmates while he is yet to be released but Dr. Nnamdi Kanu did advocate for the freedom of two Hausa/Fulanis and close to 2000 other inmates with them.

I will tell you here that there is something special about Dr. Kanu even we his followers, friends, and enemies is beginning to benefit from his spoken words and character spiritually and physically.

The leader of the indigenous people of Biafra and director of radio Biafra London should be freed in the next court adjournment coming up in Abuja Nigeria on the 6th of April, 2017.

IPOB worldwide has come to a point where we unanimously agreed that this is no longer a case but his captors have their conscience sagged with a hot iron, therefore, Dr. Nnamdi Kanu is a prisoner of conscience.

The world loses as long as he remains in illegal incarceration for exercising his fundamental right of free speech and assembly.
It has become imperative for the British government and their Islamic jihadist in Aso Rock Nigeria to release Dr. Kanu and others still languishing in the cells for nothing but envy, hatred, jealousy and laziness.

Release him or else IPOB will continue to ground the Nigeria economy, which is now next to Bangladesh in world economic index. Already an estimated 1.6 million Nigerians are said to have died because of Mohammadu Buhari's economic mismanagement and his continued killing of innocent Biafrans unchecked.

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi 

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