Kanu must prevail over rotten Nigeria

By Kelechi Okorie
For Biafra Choice Writers

Freedom of expression is one of the hallmarks of democracy. Media reportage plays major role in it, especially in the form of information dissemination and the enlightenment of public on the things they need to know. Some of such things the public is informed on include information on jurisprudence, and social implications of law, harassment, intimidation, confiscation and restriction.
In Nigeria, the ability to do this is usually handicapped because the country is in the hand of evil and fetish beings, which will kill, intimidate or manipulate things to stay in power.
Judiciary is assigned with the primary responsibility of interpreting the law in accordance with constitutional provisions and other laws of the land, for justice to prevail. But in Nigeria, the courts are hot beds of manipulation, maneuverings, both in the political terrain and elsewhere. For instance, Binta Nyako, the presiding Judge at Nigeria’s (the zoo’s) Federal High Court in Abuja, is now the chief manipulator for Muhammdu Buhari, Nigerian President and bloodsucker, in their so-called case against Nnamdi Kanu.
 Kanu is the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB); Director of Radio Biafra, and Biafra Television. The stooge, Binta Nyako, has shamelessly been dancing naked as the latest manipulating tool of Buhari, the African number one Hitler. Like a dog that eats its vomit she reintroduced secret trial in a case she had previously declared would be tried in public.
During the last court appearance, and in her utter shamelessness, she squashed the Common law upon which Nigerian law is based, and said she was replacing it with Sharia law. This is in spite of the fact that there so-called religion (Islam) forbids women from heading sharia courts; also in spite of the fact that Kanu is not a Muslim and therefore could not be subject to sharia trial.
In the final analyses, it can simply be said that having found nothing against the Biafran leader, Nyako and the evil government she represents were merely every reason to continue to keep him behind bars – no matter how irrational the reasons may be.
That was the same game her predecessor John Tsoho played. He deceitfully used inapplicable Francophone Civil law to explain his stupid predilection to wanting to try Kanu in secret. The attention, as directed by his mad president (Buhari), the attempt was to jail the Biafran leader at all cost. When the shame of his stupid started echoing in judicial circles around the world, the foolish Tosho had to step down from the case, when IPOB forced him to.
This is the same thoughtless path that Binta Nyako toed during the last court appearance of Kanu. She was urged on by her earlier boast that the court belonged to her; and that her decision there must be final; not be objected by anyone. That was illiterate Buhari’s counsel to her. But course, both herself, and Buhari, and Nigeria have become the butt of judicial jokes around the world.
However, while the trial lasted in her court, we were not fooled that the times she bared journalist from covering the trial; and keeping Biafrans away from the court, were forms of secret trial. In addition, we also knew that all were stunts invented in the last two years to keep adjourning the IPOB leader’s case, until Biafrans would become tired and give up on the case. But to their consternation, the struggle is growing in leaps and bounds.
The only way out for the satanic enclave called Nigeria (the zoo) will be to release the Biafran leader, and begin the process of referendum for Biafra’s exit (Biafrexit) from Nigeria. Unless this is done, meningitis hitting the North, Buhari being sick unto death (in vegetative state), and several other calamities hitting Nigeria would be child’s play.
Free Kanu now!
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