Author:      Prince Richmond C. Amadi 
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Date:          6th April 2017

Just like when Jesus Christ left his Kingdom in Heaven and descended to earth just to save and relief us from abundant slavery and sins, so as Nnamdi Kanu left all his treasures just to stand out as sacrificial Lamb and a lead-light to break us out from slavery and enslavement! 

Kanu Left all: as a first born, he is entitled to his father's wealth. As a learned man, Dangote, Bill Gate, Carlos Slim, Mark Zuckerberg etc can share competitive opportunities on Forbes world richest men. Nnamdi Kanu junior (son) has not seen his father. Wife has missed love and joy of marriage. 

We have other learned Biafrans scattered all over this surface of the earth but after 1967 - 1970 Civil War, fear held everyone captive from saying more about Biafra restoration but Nnamdi Kanu stood out for it.

1. Biafrans, if this God sent (your son) don't stand for Biafra, who will stand out? 
2. Why are you still scared of restoring Biafra?  
3. What is stopping you from restoring Biafra for the joy of your unborn Children? 
4. How long will you continue to suffer in "one Nigeria"?

As a youth of 33 years, my time, money, natural responsibility: making money, wife, and children - has gradually been channeled into Biafra struggle. Benny, I make on daily basis goes for feeding, then into Biafra struggle. I don't sleep at night nor day because of my continued media war and services. I'm not employed. I'm a graduate, with a mandate to take care of my parents but none is on my mind because I spend all my time for Biafra struggle. all my aspirations are derived from Nnamdi Kanu because I noticed he is learned and the tomorrow he long for! 

Why do you love your present state of living - hardship, hunger and suffering - compare to the relief you can give to your unborn children? If the average person in Biafra land can think like Nnamdi Kanu, our dedications will never be defeated by ordinary Hausa/Fulanis. 

Nnamdi Kanu has shown the way forward. He wants you to follow. Come out one come out two. We will strive with full force if we can join our individual efforts together. 

After days of hard decision, Jaliboy finally declares support to Biafra. Nollywood -Biafra  Actors and Actress have declared their support. Elders and opinion molders have shown their supports as well but it will work out anything if we don't come out in person. Come from your kitchen. Come out from your hiding bed. Canvass Biafra in your Environ. 

Don't join the party (ies) of sitdown-and -look. Come out. Come out. Come out. IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu are a team of learned men and women. We are not terrorists. I'm not a terrorist!! I chose to give my time and live for Biafra restoration.

Publisher: Udeagha Obasi 


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