AUTHOR:                Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
EDITOR:                  Ikenna Ozulumba Mbaegbu

The irrational decision made by the Nigerian DSS to invade the home of Mazi Gorge Onyeibe, the African rep coordinator at his house, in Obiakpor River state, in the early hours of the morning (around 2 am), on the 22nd of April 2017, has once again proven Muhammadu Buhari’s APC-led administration to be a respecter of no law, that of UN inclusive.

Recall that not quite long Mazi Gorge Onyeibe was assigned the position of African continental Rep. Coordinator in IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Reports had had it that his house was invaded in the wee hours of the morning of the aforementioned date and time and ransacked, his properties destroyed and the DSS in the process even molested his wife and children after which they took him (Gorge) away. Until this moment, he about remained unknown to his people and even to the IPOB family.

The DSS, on the other hand, has failed to give the reason why they arrested maze Gorge Onyeibe or even charged him to the court within 24hrs of his arrest as stipulated in the Nigerian constitution... This is exactly what happened in the case of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. When they first kidnapped him in his hotel room on 14th October 2015, The DSS had initially denied the knowledge of having him in their custody because they had the intention to murder him in secret, but later admitted to the truth when the pressure became too high for them to avoid. Moreover, IPOB intelligence has in recent time uncovered the meetings held in Abuja by the DSS where they perfected plans to secretly abduct and kill any IPOB member they lay hands on. The truth is that these animals in human form, cladding in uniforms have no respect for human rights or self-determination which can be found in the UN charter, yet Nigeria is a member of the United Nations. What a shame! 

Though, the frequent harassment and kidnapping of citizens by this tyrannical Government of APC led by General Muhammadu Buhari through his DSS, without a court order or warrant is no longer something new. As this has continued to linger on since the inception of this evil administration. In recent time a case was reported of them (DSS) invading the homes of some Nigerian judges who had refused to be cowed into accepting their bribes to jail innocent people unjustly or dance to the evil tune of their governance. It appears that “invasion” and “abduction” of people in secrecy, especially in the early hours of mornings has now become their new method of attacking their enemies or anyone who poses a threat to them. Do they (The DSS) actually think they are above the law? 

Truth is, “No one is above the law.” Anyone who thinks otherwise should have his or her head properly examined. Laws will always prevail in a given society when we don’t have it; we are not too far from animals. Every citizen, no matter your position in the government must play within the ambits of the law. I guess that’s what makes us a civilized society. However, the Buhari’s DSS has failed to understand this fact. And what does that make them? It is likened to be a case of the “blind” leading those who can actually see.” It is indeed laughable!

The DSS should know this, that their “unlawful” abduction and killing of IPOB members, in secret will never yield them any good result. However, such malicious act can only trigger the agitation the more and will cause the international communities to be more aware of the lawlessness prevalent in this zoo nation, this abominable contraption called Nigeria created by a white man (Fredrick Lugard) in 1914. 

The DSS should also know that IPOB under the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a lawful society as publicly and officially declared by Judge Binta Nyako of the zoo Federal High Court Abuja on the 21st of March 2017.They should understand that what IPOB is doing is lawfully convened under rights granted by the United Nations as contained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of indigenous people in 2007. So by the virtue of this and in pursuant of Article 3 and 4 of this charter interpreted for our purpose below and it's objectives.

We the indigenous people of Biafra under Article 3 of the United Nations charter have the right to self-determination. By virtue of this right, we wish to freely determine our political status and also to freely pursue our economic, social and cultural development. We the indigenous people of Biafra under Article 4 of United Nations charter is free to exercise our rights to self-determination, we have the right to autonomy or self-government in matters relating to our internal and local affairs as well as ways and means for financing our autonomous functions.

As officially declared by both international (United Nations) and local law (as declared by Binta Nyako of the Federal High Court Abuja on March 21st, 2017 during a court session of  Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and three others held with him), the activities of IPOB is therefore legal. So any security operative that goes on, arresting and clamping down on IPOB members is breaking the law of both the United Nations and that of Nigeria as well. 

In regards to this, I now call on the United Nations and other human right groups around the world to order the unconditional release of all Biafra activists and also put a stop to the crazy arrest and molestation of Biafra agitators.


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