AUTHOR:                 Chinonso Igwebuike Mbah
EDITOR:                   Ugochinyere Onyechere
RETWEET:               @umuchiukwu_writ

We the great people of Biafra wish to draw the attention of the world on the killing of Biafrans since the amalgamation with the Hausa-Fulani terrorist who drive joy in killing innocent Biafrans: The first incident in which the murder of Igbo ethnic people took place in Nigeria was in Jos, on 22 June 1945.

Hundreds of Igbo were massacred by Hausa-Fulani during the pogrom and ten of thousands of pounds sterling worth of their property either looted or destroyed, No single person was apprehended or charged by the British regime nor an inquiry set to determine the official cause of this gruesome act.  

The second mass killing of Igbos and other Biafrans happened in Kano in 1953 in both case thousands of Igbo people with their families were brutally murdered and their property looted.

Thirdly, Between May and October 1966 more than 30, 000 Igbo speaking  and other Biafrans were killed in northern Nigeria and between October 1966 and June 1967 more than 100, 000 more were massacred in some instance pregnant women were killed and their unborn babies were pulled out of their wombs and murdered as  well many of the victims were beheaded.

Fourthly,  from July 6, 1967, to January 15, 1970, more than 6.3  million Biafrans were killed in the civil war and many civilians died mainly from starvation as a result of the federal blockade supported by the British government.

The fifth instance, hundreds of Biafrans have killed again between 1993-1998 in northern Nigeria because of most hood Abiola the winner of June 12 election and also more Biafrans were massacred when Abacha and Abiola died between 8th June and July 7, 1998.

Also, Between 16th February 2002 to December 26, 2002, thousands of Biafrans were killed in northern Nigeria and the root cause of the killing and riot was the implementation of sharia law in the northern states of Nigeria.

Yet again, the Apo six killing occurred in June 2005 in which the Nigerian police force extra-judicially killed six young Igbos (Ekene Isaac mgbe, Ifeanyi ozor, Chinedu meniru, Paulinus Ogbonnaya, Anthony and Augustine Arebu) in Apo Abuja till this day none of the police officers accused of this shockingly evil crime have been brought to justice.

Again, From March 2006 to July 2007 hundreds of Biafrans were killed in almost all the northern states of Nigeria especially in Jos. The crisis was between Muslims and Christians.

On December 25, 2011, Boko harm claimed responsibility for Christmas day bomb attack at St Theresa's Catholic church in madala near the capital Abuja which left more than 50 Igbo speaking Biafra dead

As if it wasn't enough, In November 2002 hundreds of Biafrans have massacred again following the controversy around the hosting of miss world beauty contest in Nigeria.

From October 23, 2015, to February 2016 more than 200 indigenous people of Biafra IPOB members have been massacred in the whole of the old eastern region by Nigeria security forces during their peaceful protest for the unconditional release of their Leader.

More than one hundreds IPOB members were again massacred at Onitsha on May 30, 2016, where they gathered to honor their fallen heroes.

February 20, 2017, more than twenty-five IPOB members were killed at Igweocha known as Port-Harcourt when they gathered to show solidarity with the president-elect of the United state of American Donald Trump.

With all the above illustrations, the world is justifiably behind the mysterious killings and subjugation of Biafrans. We have died enough, and there would be no right thinking human who would be supportive in keeping the useless Nigeria as one.

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