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■ April 17, 2017 

Mr. Nnamdi Kanu and his Associates (i) Mr. Benjamin Madubugwu, (ii) Mr. David Nwawusi, (iii) Mr. Chidiebere Onwudiwe have acted in Tempestuous of Liberty; Yes the Man in a hunt for Power has the autonomy of the Law to cling to Leadership either by Violent or by Redistribution of Power.

The People of Biafra have a Sovereign Rights because the Amalgamation of Nigeria is a White Man’s Ideology corrupt by interest of their gains and not in the interest of the Africans. The British Government colonialism of Nigeria failed her commiseration to see Africans to the brinks of Development by ignoring their development and joining the EU Club in 1973.

The Amalgamation of Nigeria is an Error promulgated by Lord Lugard in 1914. The Igbo Kingdom, Hausa Kingdom, and the Yoruba Kingdom can never be a Unionism as these Tribes are separated by Religion. The Will of the Indigenous People of Biafra must be attained on or before 50 years in a Free Peaceful Coalition.

The British Government does not use Constitution. Instead, they use the Words of Authority and Court Judgments. Therefore Nigeria cannot hold the bounds of the Law by Constitution as the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 was Errored, a written working Document for the Upper Class to suppress the Lower Class.

The Constitution is not a Thesis for the Government to oppress the People, rather is a Pretentious Module Guide for Men appointed in Power by the People to control the Government. Nnamdi Kanu and His friends on the Biafra Quest must be released from the unconstitutional detention they are being held. — By Her Knowledgeable Professor Alexia Thomas.  Certainly if Buhari and his government knew the strength and caliber of person Nnamdi Kanu is and  the impact Radio Biafra evangelism have made in the life of the Biafrans, they wouldn’t have attempted to apply the conscious abduction approach on Nnamdi Kanu. There is no doubt that 

The kidnapping of this innocent and patriotic Biafran, prisoner of conscience has in fact thwarted the political, administrative mission of Buhari's government (Islamization of Biafrans).
Actually speaking, Nigeria has never been the same since the arrest and incarceration of Kanu, yet the government of the Nigeria failed state is adamant about the release of Nnamdi Kanu. (1) Scotland had a Referendum last year, but Scotland was not and is not a nation state.
(2) Quebec province of Canada had a Referendum, but Quebec was and is still not a nation state.
(3) South Sudan had a Referendum to leave Sudan, but the former was not a nation state initially but became one after the Referendum.
(3) If Referendum is conducted in Biafra today, the “Yes” vote will be almost 100% because Biafrans are tired of living with unproductive, bloodthirsty and destructive Hausa/Fulani people in one unitary state that are only dragging the Biafrans back from moving forward.

(4) The world knows that the imposed 1999 Constitution of Nigeria is rigged, unjust and retrogressive. This contrived document fosters religious conflicts through its willful accommodation of Sharia in the Muslim North and suppresses rights of minority tribes through its land-seizure provisions and the punitive 68-item exclusive list. Rights of women and minorities are abused and not protected as the norm. It is, in short, an abusive corrupted constitution which does not guarantee any right or protection of its very own citizenry.

Oppressive govt of Buhari always ready to suppress the truth,. Please tell Buhari and his co-travelers that no matter how hard you suppress the truth,  truth shall always prevail against falsehood, Tell Buhari that there are a million of Nnamdi Kanu everywhere, Fani-Kayode, Ayodele Fayose and now Adeyanju  who will rise even from Daura to tell him that injustice is injustice no matter who it is done to. Today it is KANU  tomorrow it could be you reading this, your friend, relation or family member. May God destroy Nigeria, you forget that it is wrong for a Christian to be tried with a Sharia law in a country called a secular one.  Tyranny in its highest order and Americans who were against  Trump protested for weeks and was destroying things, yet they were being calmed down by the security operatives without hurt but down here just at the raise of a megaphone you are killed, arrested and incarcerated already in police net, pity.

Buhari congratulated Turkish govt for the peaceful conduct of the referendum.
Same Buhari swears never to allow the referendum in Nigeria. 

Very soon Nnamdi Kanu's  predictions will be completely manifested, Terrible! Nigeria is now a police state where freedom of association and free speech are considered an anathema, From  1983-1985, Nigeria passed through this odious road.Today, history is repeating itself. If they kill the body, they cannot silence the spirit. The spirit of the cause continues to move on-No to the secret trial of Kanu! They shout one Nigeria because of corruption and oil from Biafra land the northern parasites own, control, steal and share from Biafra land. Remove oil from the hands of this northern parasites, Nigeria will collapse and disintegrate naturally and peaceful without collateral damage.

Therefore, the fact is that Nigeria is boiling very fast and furiously per-second-cube and that's why it can't stand the test of time any longer because the British will definitely fail one day to forcefully keep Nigerians together due to their insatiable selfish interest in Biafra oil natural God-given wealth. 

The only solution to Nigerian problems now is that the northern parasites should allow peaceful break up of the country so as to avoid imminent implosion and explosion of the country. you cannot operate democracy at the same time operate Nazi system of government to oppress those who did not agree with your ideology. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu's case has conspicuously shown that Nigeria is backward, finished, failed and buried. 

Which way Nigeria,all this act by federal government makes Mazi Nnamdi Kanu a hero, gives him more popularity, any protest against federal govt is illegal, while any protest for the federal Islamic government is Legal and be peaceful, now I continue to affirm that this country is a zoo, where the government that is to protect its citizens right is violated. Adeyanju, Fani-Kayode, Fayose, these are true friends of Biafra. We won't forget you when Biafra is here. All hail Biafra. 

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