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■ April 06, 2017

Since the British invaded Africa and amalgamated the Biafrans with the Hausa-Fulani terrorist who believes in shedding innocent Biafrans blood, the people of Biafra has been crying and demanding for their freedom since and after the Nigeria-Biafra war in which 6.3 millions of their people were massacred 1967-1970 till date, the have still been killed.

The Biafrans who are imbued with a spirit that cannot be suppressed fought a war for three years, the more the cry "Biafra" the more the spirit of the millions who were slaughtered on the Biafra side during the war are invoked, the more the cry "Biafra"the more the souls of the hundreds of thousands of their people who were butchered during the barbaric pogroms in the North in mid-60s and thereafter are remembered, the more the cry "Biafra"the more the remembered how their fathers were stripped of everything after the civil war and how the have been denied the opportunities to rise to the highest office in the land, the more the cry"Biafra"the more they acknowledge and recognize the bitter fact that the Buhari administration regard their kith and kin as nothing more than third hands citizen and pitiable prisoners of war.

The worst thing which the Nigeria government did is by treating them with levity or contempt.

The are now angry and fed up with Nigeria, they refused to be enslaved in their own land, they want a brighter future for their unborn children, and the have come to realize that the have nothing to lose.The most inappropriate thing that President Buhari can do is to continue to underestimates the power of their resolve or the clarity of their intent.

The worst thing that Buhari did was to arrest NNAMDI KANU and begin to jail Biafrans who asked for his release and also the shedding of their blood and taking away their life thinking that can stop the cry for Biafra nation.They more you lock and jail them the more they will rise up, the more you mock them, the more they will shout Biafra.

The more you kill them, the more their anger will be kindled, the more you deny them, the more they will wax stronger, the more you treat them with disdain, the more the will defy you, the more you treat them like slaves, the more the will aspire to break off and take their destiny into their own hands, you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.

This is the fact that we must all accept it and it is with this mind that I urge President Buhari and the federal government to not only release NNAMDI KANU unconditional but also to tread with the utmost restraint and caution when dealing with those who are agitating for Biafra because the have come to restore Biafra or sink everything living in that contraption called Nigeria.

#Free NNAMDI KANU #Free Biafra #

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